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July 28th, 2010, 01:14 PM
http://tamelaquijas.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/blue-bayo.jpg?w=145&h=108 (http://tamelaquijas.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/blue-bayo.jpg)Thereís many of you out there that know Iím a big Disney fan. Whenever possible, I make it a point to drop into the happiest place on earth and dash on over to the enchanting Blue Bayou Restaurant. The cost for meals is astronomical, but the atmosphere is worth every moment! The Blue Bayou is a moonlit restaurant with fireflies lighting the faux night sky and the elegant sounds of the Deep South filling my ears. My favorite meal, in that delightful little place, is their signature Monte Cristo sandwich.
How does one describe a Monte Cristo?
To put it simply, imagine French toast stuffed with cheese and meat, and topped with snowy powdered sugar. Thereís a wonderful currant jelly sauce to dip each decadent wedge into, sending the diner further spiraling into a world that is indescribable.
Donít be watching your calories if you plan to eat this, and thereís enough cholesterol in the entire thing to send your heart into a tizzy. Never mind, the sandwich is definitely worth it, especially if you crave an item so decadent itís renowned the world over!
http://tamelaquijas.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/monte-cristo.jpg?w=135&h=89 (http://tamelaquijas.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/monte-cristo.jpg)INGREDIENTS:
4 slices of white bread
2 slices of deli turkey
2 slices of Swiss cheese
2 slices of deli ham
Vegetable oil for frying
1 egg
ľ cup water or milk
Pinch of salt
Ĺ-cup all-purpose flour
ĺ tsp. baking powder
Currant Jelly Sauce
6 oz. red currant jelly
Ĺ-tablespoon water
Powdered sugar for dusting
Currant Jelly sauce
Make 2 sandwiches, placing cheese between ham and turkey. Cut into fourths and place a toothpick in each quarter.
Mix water, egg, and salt in a bowl and mix well. Add flour and baking powder and mix until batter is smooth. Chill.
Jelly sauce: Mix jelly and water well. Chill.
Heat approximately ľ inch of oil in a skillet. Dip sandwiches in batter. Deep fry until golden brown, turning as needed, until sandwiches are crispy and brown.
Remove from oil. Drain on paper towel to remove excess oil. Remove toothpicks. Dust with powdered sugar and serve with currant jelly.
Bon Apetit!