View Full Version : Healthier Expectations–or the reason why I’m not built like Mylie

July 28th, 2010, 01:16 PM
Summer has arrived with full and scorching heat, night time humidity and rain, disoriented June bugs that bang into the walls and shins of unsuspecting people, and everything is alive and blooming in the beautiful Southwest. I rooted through my closet, eager to find something to wear to endure the 100+ heat. I sat back, looked at my closet, and shook my head in disbelief. Needless to say, our local Candlelighters office received a hefty clothing donation after I further depressed myself by attempting to squeeze into last year’s jeans.

Shopping for clothes ranks right in there with laundry and dishes, as far as I’m concerned. I am not a fashion horse and prefer to wear jeans and t-shirts. Being raised around brothers and being a tom-boy in my more formative years, may have something to do with my clothing preference. I prefer simple attire, cotton, comfortable and wash and wear my primary requirements. My motto is, if I can’t work in it, it ain’t in the closet.

So, firmly determined and wincing every step of the way, I entered my local retailer with my teeth ground together and set about refurbishing my anorexic closet.

Why in the world do retailers believe everyone is a size 3 and likes to wear the latest thing designed by Mylie Cyrus? Granted, she’s a cute little burst of effervescent sunshine and all, but I’m not 17. Nor am I one of those adorable little teenagers that can run around in jeans that have a 1 inch zipper where the dimples in my bumm showing every time I bend over. Bless it all, I wish I was, but I’ve resigned myself to one obvious fact. I LOVE to eat. When I hear the word ‘diet’, I cringe and rank it right up their in my lists of the ugliest words in the human language.

After a few hours (and do I mean hours!) of trying on pants, I was on the verge of screaming. My darling 9 year old, who patiently stood guard outside of my dressing room, embarrassed me further without meaning to. There is nothing worse than a miniature male attempting to bolster a woman’s spirits by announcing, at the top of his lungs ,”It’s okay, so don’t worry, Mom. You’re growing. Just like I’m getting taller, you’re growing sideways.”

I’ll try not to giggle as I fume over that comment. It wasn’t funny at the time but, twenty four hours later, I want to roll on the floor with laughter.

That little darling of mine smoothed everything over when I emerged from the dressing room, red faced and frustrated. He looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes of his and smiled his gap-toothed grin, full of a delightful childhood innocence and brutal honesty that warmed my heart. I nearly cried when he said, “I love the size you are, Mom. You’re perfect in every way and the most beautiful lady I know.”

Out of the mouths of babes…

America needs to come to the realization that woman’s clothing, above a size 3, is healthy. The female persuasion comes in all wonderful shapes and sizes, each as beautiful as the next. We are equally gorgeous in our own rights and should embrace our femininity full forced. Perhaps this change in thinking should begin with the fashion runway, the waif-like actresses on national tv and in magazines, and the books we read. I can’t count how many times I’ve read a romance novel where the heroine has been a ‘delicate flower’ of a woman, small busomed and reed thin with accentuating cheekbones and wide eyes. GAG! I love to read a novel where the heroine is a voluptuously shaped darling with rounded hips and a breast size that makes some men drool. My absolute favorite of all romance author’s nabbed my attention in full force when her lead character was a chef at a Southern restaurant and loved to eat, thus attracting the attention of the hero with her cooking skills and seductively full figured body. I haven’t missed a single novel she’s written since then, adoring the quirky nature and the flaws she places upon each of her female characters.

So, while I dismount from my soapbox for today, I have to admit that an 9 year old sat me on my bumm and made me get over the pre-conceived thoughts that had been running through my mind. I am happy being the size I am and I don’t have to please anyone else by being anything else than what I am. I am perfect to those that love me and myself.
I salute all of you who are with me, outside the box that the world has insisted on placing women in.

Embrace your beautiful self, stop berating your non-size 3 figure, and realize that you are 100% undeniably gorgeous