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Anne Patrick
July 29th, 2010, 07:23 PM
"Wow, twists and turns abound in this novel. Ms. Patrick writes a great story with an ending that hits you squarely between the eyes. You think you have it figured out and then she adds a subplot, a little back story, a dash of conspiracy and you are left wondering where you are heading next. The characters are likeable and more importantly, believable. You feel the inner struggle of Dr. Jacobs and are amazed at the patience of Detective Sinclair. Lethal Dreams intertwines faith with intrigue in such a seamless nature that you canít imagine one without the other in the storyline. This truly is a page turner that keeps you enthralled from the first word to the extremely exciting finish. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book!"

http://www.theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/lethaldreamspatrick.htm (http://www.theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/lethaldreamspatrick.htm)


Dr. Erin Jacobs is making a name for herself in the sports world. Drawing on her own life experiences, she encourages and inspires athletes to recover from career ending injuries. So why would someone want to hurt the good doctor? Detective Logan Sinclair is determined to find that answer. Heís been mesmerized by Erin from the moment she found him and his partner shot in an alleyway. Since that night their lives have never been the same. Will Logan be able to solve the puzzle of who wants Erin out of the way before itís too late? And if so what impact will those answers have on their lives? Lethal Dreams can be purchased here: http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/anne_patrick/lethal_dreams.html (http://www.whimsicalpublications.com/anne_patrick/lethal_dreams.html)<O:p></O:p>