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August 10th, 2010, 12:40 PM
<SCRIPT type=text/javascript charset=utf-8><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!--PDRTJS_settings_29350_post_2288={"id":29350,"unique_id":"wp-post-2288","title":"My review of Catherine Bybee's Paranormal Romance, Embracing the Wolf","permalink":"http:\/\/tamelaquijas.wordpress.com\/2010\/08\/09\/my-review-of-catherine-bybees-paranormal-romance-embracing-the-wolf\/","item_id":"_post_2288"}//--><!]]></SCRIPT>Recently, I became hooked on a wonderful author, Catherine Bybee. After reading her werewolf novel, Soul Mate (which had a bit of everything I like in the characters) I dashed off to pick up a copy of Embracing the Wolf.
Embracing the Wolf is excellently written, with a well developed plot and story line. I love a thriller and I have to say that this novel has all the thriller elements, as well as a touching love story. The character of Richard Ritter literally leaps from the pages, a romantic enigma of werewolf and gentleman. Kate Davis is the sweet heroine, afraid to trust, but longing to believe in Richard. Kate’s been hurt in her past, and her dedication as a single mother is well portrayed within the pages of this sultry romance. The characters of Kate and Richard have a great development and chemistry between them, without overdoing the entire werewolf element. Ms. Bybee delivers a heart appealing punch with this love story and (I’ll clear my throat here) those romantic scenes are more than a wee bit steamy.

Overall, Great story line, a battle of good over evil, and a delicious werewolf that stalks every page.

5 Stars

August 10th, 2010, 03:37 PM
Great review Tamela and congratulations to Catherine.

I really liked Embracing the Wolf as well. I won it in a contest here at CTR.