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August 14th, 2010, 09:03 PM
Waking, Angel first noticed the awful smell. Her nose crinkled up and she held
her breath for a second. What is that odor?

"You're awake," a female voice said. With the voice came a rush of memories too
horrible to conceive. Days of sickness, unconsciousness, and the slow wait for
death to claim her and release her tormented body. I didn't die. Without
responding to the voice, she tried to move her hand, all her fingers felt
attached. Toes moved next, those worked too. Then she opened her eyes.

Feeling the woman's presence to her left, she ignored it and allowed her eyes to
scan the small room. The walls shimmered with a silver color. In fact,
in the room was made of some kind of silver alloy unknown to her. It resembled
pewter, but she knew it wasn't. She noticed the same kind of silver alloy her
cell had been made of. I'm still on that scumbag's ship.

"How are you feeling?"

Angel refused to acknowledge her in any way. She wasn't talking to any of these
people. She'd been kidnapped yet again by another race of aliens whose agenda
she didn't know. Except they were so narrow-minded anyone who wasn't purely
Larindon they put to death. So, why am I still alive? If they are so hot to
murder innocent mixed bloods, why didn't they just let me die? Obviously they
moved her to some sort of medical facility. She'd been brought back from the
brink of death, but she still didn't know why.

The purple-haired woman wanted to see her executed so maybe that was her answer.
They must have public executions on their world.

Angel wished they'd let her die. At least then, she wouldn't have to wonder what
form of execution they had and when it'd happen.

"Angel." The woman's voice sounded slightly exasperated by this time.

Angel continued to ignore her, to pretend she wasn't there and she hadn't heard
her. I'll be damned before I'll acknowledge these butchers.

Pain crashed through her head as she attempted to sit up. A small sound escaped
her before she could stop it.

"That must be some headache," the woman commented, pushing down on Angel's
shoulders. "You shouldn't try to get up yet. You're still not well."

Angel reached up and shoved the woman's hands away. "Don't touch me!" She
growled low in her throat. So much for ignoring them, they aren't going to let

Necessity forced Angel to look at the woman. She had short pale blonde, almost
white hair and shared the same cobalt eyes as she and Darek, apparently a
Larindon genetic trait. However, unlike Darek, this woman had a pale almost
translucent skin tone.

"You shouldn't try to get up," she repeated, stepping back.

"Don't touch me, and I won't." Angel snarled. The pain still rushed through her
head and burrowed deep into her bones like a freight train.

"I need to make sure all the Xenon gas is out of your system and there are no
lasting effects. By the amount of pain you're experiencing, it's settled in your

"No shit, Sherlock!"Angel gasped out. "Haven't you people already done enough?
Leave me the hell alone!"

"I won't hurt you. I want to take away your pain. I'm the equivalent of what
your people would call a doctor." The pale skinned woman said in a kind voice.

"No more drugs," Angel said, her voice flat and her eyes hostile. The woman who
had a syringe in her hands stopped.

"Pain or no pain, you don't want to cross me." Angel made eye contact with the

"But why would you choose pain?" The Larindon doctor asked, puzzled by Angel's

"Because it's a reminder that she's alive," Darek spoke softly from the doorway.

Angel almost responded to his jibe before she caught herself. Instead she
snapped her jaw shut with an audible click and ground her back teeth hard. This
is his fault. If he thinks I'm going to make it easy for him, he doesn't know me
as well as he probably thinks he does.

Angel crossed her arms across her chest, and then winced as grinding pain shot
through them. Hell! He's right. At least with the pain I know I'm alive, but for
how long?

"I'll take over, Veta. You can leave."

"But Commander, she needs the pain medication."

"Now, Veta."

"Yes, sir."

Angel was alone with the man who'd used her with the intention of finding her
father so he could be murdered. She knew their stupid laws probably said both
she and her mother had to be executed as well.

The physical pain allowed Angel to bury the emotional fury that burned deep
inside. Maybe she would die, but Darek would pay many times over before he and
his people would cause her death. She vowed it on her missing parents.

"Angel, I know what you're thinking, but it's not like that." Darek sat next to
her, and she felt his thigh press into hers. She ignored her pain and shifted as
far away as the bed would allow. I won't acknowledge him in any way!

"I didn't know Zetara knew about you, or that she'd go to such lengths to exact
her revenge."

Angel refused to even look at him. He has to be lying. Zetara is his wife and
she looked understandably pissed when she found out about me. Of course possibly
they had a polyamorous culture, but she didn't think so. Her father hadn't
seemed to be of that inclination. He obviously still thought she could lead him
to her father. Why else would he keep trying to convince me of his sincerity?

"Angel, talk to me! I can't help you if you don't talk to me."

His voice softened, begged. If he were anyone else I might be tempted. Hell, I
am tempted. But he's a starship commander from a world where they execute people
like me. No matter how sincere he seems, I can't trust him.

Angel took a deep breath and resolved again she'd wouldn't be fooled a second
time, wouldn't give in. It'd be a cold day and hell would freeze over while the
devil put on ice skates and pirouetted around before she'd trust him again. I'd
rather die! That was the crux of the matter. For she knew beneath the fury grew
a pain too great to be borne. If he ever broke past the fury and saw it, she was