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August 14th, 2010, 09:29 PM
Silently Angel slipped into the hallway. Knowing the lights wouldn't hide her
from any intruder, she stepped quickly into the living room with the gun
extended. To her horror she saw the small beings with large, black eyes that
haunted her memory since before she could remember.

They pointed the now familiar wand at her, and seconds later the familiar and
awful lethargy began to infuse her very muscles. In seconds she'd be unable to
hold the gun steady. Desperately, her finger tried to pull the trigger, but to
no avail. With a loud clatter the gun slipped from her hands to the floor.

"No," her mind screamed loudly. Too late, her body froze in the very stance she
had sought to use to protect herself. She watched in fascinated desperation as
the little beings eyed her strangely as if to say, "Your wand doesn't work as
well as ours."

One of the little beings walked up to Angel, extended one of his three fingers
and reached up to touch her head.

"Don't touch me," she thought, "Please don't touch me. I can't stand it if you
touch me."

Angel couldn't will herself to unconsciousness as some abductees had the ability
to do, nor block her memories. She fatalistically wished that just this once
they'd block her memories.

The Grey's mind touched Angel's just as his clammy fingertip touched her head
next to her left eye. "You want a baby?" He thought to her.

"No," she mentally screamed. "No babies, I don't want any babies. Please,
please, please." She begged as she always did, terrified of the procedure they
proposed to put her through. It always started the same. They came and asked the
same question. She always said, `no,' but it never mattered what she wanted. They
always just did the procedure in spite of what she said.

"We'll give you a baby, a very special baby. You are special. You are chosen of
all women to carry one of our special babies."

"I don't want your damned special baby. I don't want to be one of your special
women," she yelled angrily in her mind. "Why won't you just go away and leave me
alone?" Every time they put her through this, the horror felt fresh like it just
happened yesterday.

Soap dribbled into her eyes and mingled with the helpless tears she couldn't
stop. The soap burned her eyes, but nothing compared to the burning in her soul.
She felt helpless and terrified. She couldn't do anything to stop what was about
occur. As usual her body took on a weightless feel and a sort of luminescent
glow, and then she lifted from the floor and floated toward one of the living
room walls. Angel turned her eyes toward it and realized they were going to take
her through the wall.

Seconds later she felt her molecules mix with the cold molecules of the wall,
and then she was outside. The cold night air penetrated her pores and made her
shiver in spite of the warm robe she wore. Her hair hung just short of dragging
on the
ground, but at least the soap wasn't dripping into her eyes any longer.

With keen trepidation she felt rather than saw the light of the ship on her
body. There was no turning back now. A deep sense of despair filled her. In
desperation she began chanting in her mind a healing song her mother had taught
her to keep it
occupied and off the coming terror about to take place. They'd put her on a
table and removed her robe. The table was made of some kind of metal and was
very, very cold. She kept her eyes closed continuing to chant in her mind, the
being the only way to keep her sanity. She didn't want to see them anyway, not
that she needed to. Her keen senses told her there were five of the beings in
the examining room.

Already she felt the taller Grey probing insistently at her mind. One being
stood at her head, cutting samples of her hair, undoubtedly to do some kind of
scientific test to figure out what the soap was for. This was the first time
they'd caught her out of a shower.

"Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone..." She chanted over and over in
her head to keep the alien's mind from entering hers. She always struggled, but
invariably they were stronger. The longer she kept them out, the less mental
damage they did. Frozen on the table, Angel still felt the probing between her
legs as they inserted something into her vagina. "No!" She hollered verbally,
before pain washed over her in waves. They implanted something in her again.
Something she rarely if ever allowed herself to think about, for she couldn't
bear the horror. The agony felt almost unbearable as they pushed the probe past the
ripped membrane of her maidenhead. Tears gushed from her eyes in torrents, but
she knew they wouldn't stop. They never stopped.