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August 14th, 2010, 10:27 PM
The woman on the other side of the door was at least six foot tall with deep black hair like Darek’s and amber colored eyes. She wore a silver uniform with a cherry red belt and necktie.

Apparently different colored accessories designated your job on
the ship. Darek’s straight silver with no accessories made him
Commander, this woman was from engineering so the color red
designated that, the med tech had been wearing yellow with her
uniform so that meant yellow was medical.

In the middle of her musings the woman spoke, her voice
almost as deep as a man’s. “I’ve been sent to take you to the
hydroponics bay, my name is Lara.”

Angel almost groaned aloud, the woman’s amber eyes
forgotten, another “L” name to try and remember!

Instead she smiled. “I’m Angel, and this is Wolf.” She
gestured to her pet.

Lara smiled at Wolf. “May I touch him?” She asked eagerly.

“Uh, yeah, sure. He likes to be scratched behind his ears. But
first hold your hand out to him so he can get used to your scent.”

Wolf sniffed delicately, and then his tail began pumping
enthusiastically. He flashed the tree picture to Angel again.

“We’d better go, he’s getting antsy.”


“Just an expression, it means he’s in a hurry to relieve
himself.” Angel smiled ruefully.

“Oh, I see. I guess I’ll scratch his ears later.” Lara grinned.

“Oh, I see. I guess I’ll scratch his ears later.” Lara grinned.

“Yeah that’d probably be a good idea; otherwise we are
looking at cleaning up a puddle.”

“We can’t have that, follow me.”

Like I could miss you! Angel grinned to herself.

Wolf started to race ahead until Angel caught up and
grabbed his collar. “No you don’t, we don’t know where we’re
going. You stay with me boy.”

Lara’s much longer legs ate up the shell pink hallways. They
climbed into a lift and got out minutes later in yet another part
of the ship.

“So, what do you think of our ship, she’s grand isn’t she?”

“Not exactly.” Angel breathed too quiet for her companion to

“What was that?”

“Do you know why I’m here?” She asked instead.

Lara slowed down until she was walking next to Angel.
“You’re asking if I know of your heritage?”


“Of course, we all know. Not everyone agrees with the
Commander keeping you in his quarters, and there are those
here who will hate you simply because of what you are, but,”
she hesitated, “I’m not one of them. I don’t believe in the noninterference
laws, nor does my family.”

“Oh. Do you mind if I ask how come your eyes are amber
instead of green or cobalt blue like everyone else’s?”

In seconds Lara’s face changed, where before there had been
a friendly open woman, there was now a polite stranger with
blank eyes who was barely tolerating her. “I had a disease when
I was a child that changed my eye color.”

She’d bet money that somewhere in Lara’s past there was
someone not of Larindon blood, but if it kept her alive to say a
disease caused it Angel couldn’t fault her for the lie. She’d do the
same in her position.

Lara’s long legs had pulled her far ahead. “Are you coming?”
She called over her shoulder impatiently.

“Right behind you.” Angel doubted it would do any good to
apologize, Lara had undoubtedly been dealing with the question
of her eye color for many years, and obviously her slight
difference caused her emotional pain.

Wolf pulled against her restraining hand and she let go of his
collar. Maybe he could make Lara feel better. He trotted right up
next to Lara and leaned heavily against her legs.

Instead of stopping as Wolf had always been able to get
Angel to do, the Amazon kept going but her hand dropped to
his head and began scratching his left ear. The sight unlike
anything else on this ship brought a smile to Angel’s face. If Lara
was a “breed” like she was and had somehow managed to
survive in this difficult society then maybe there was hope.

They stopped at an open doorway and as Angel stepped
through behind Wolf and Lara she was stunned. The floor was
covered in what appeared to be green grass, and there were
other plants and trees growing from the floor as well. She’d
mentally pictured pots with different kinds of plant species, but
these were actually growing as if the floor was earth which it couldn’t be.

Wolf of course watered the first tree he saw, one with green
bark and yellow leaves of all things. Angel wondered what
planet could have spawned such unusual coloring.

Suddenly a feeling of being watched assailed her, and she
looked over and noticed they’d drawn a crowd. The
hydroponics techs wore green lab type jackets over their
uniforms, and they were all staring delightedly at Wolf.

“What kind of animal is he?” One of them called out.

“He’s a canine.”


“A dog, I don’t know how to explain. He’s a mammal?” She
lifted her shoulders questioningly.

“That’s how Earth people classify the largest group of
creatures on their planet.” She heard a man’s voice say. “I read
about it on their Internet, backward system if you ask me but
what can you expect from primitives.”

Bigotry is obviously alive and well. There will be no convincing
some of these people, and truthfully why should I bother?

Voices called out excitedly when Wolf squatted. Angel put
her face in her hand. The wolf had no shame!

“May I take a sample?” This man looked no older than
seventeen, a boy really.

“Yeah, sure why not?”

Wolf loving the attention pranced right up to the adoring
crowd looking to be praised.

“What does he want?” Another asked, a woman this time.

Angel turned red. “He thinks by your reaction to what he’s
done that he’s done something special. He wants you to praise

“How do I do that?”

“Let him sniff your hand and then scratch him behind his

And so it went, Wolf acting like the conquering hero come
home after battle went from tech to tech to get his ears scratched.
She saw the boy scrape up Wolf’s feces and put it into some kind
of container. She shook her head. Who would’ve thought dog
shit could be so interesting?