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Promo Crystal
August 16th, 2010, 06:12 PM
Jack Greene's "Law and Ardor"


Nicholas is shaken up by a prowler in the middle of the night, so he calls 911. Help arrives in the form of big strong policeman James, and they can't deny their mutual attraction.

James is more than happy to take care of Nicholas . . . all night long.

Jennifer Mueller's "Writer's Block"


Ever ask an author if the characters take over, if they talk back and do their own thing? We always give polite answers about how they might turn out more forceful or sexy than we expected or some other trait.

The real truth might just surprise you. Take one long shipwrecked woman throw in a newly shipwrecked man with only one place to stay on the island.

Stir vigorously and you'll get ... Writer's Block!

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