View Full Version : Busy, busy, busy

Amy Gallow
August 21st, 2010, 06:31 PM
We all have them. Periods when no day is long enough, when the hours fly and minutes pass unnoted as we strive to cope with the demands made on our time.
Book edits, screenplay edits, course notes, submissions, the demands of family, too many decisions to be made and too little time to consider the facts.
We went away for a week, walked deserted beaches, watched whales bask close inshore, had close encounters with different forms of wildlife and drank wine at night as we looked out through a picture window at glorious scenery. We came back refreshed and were plunged into chaos.
The demands are still there, but they've been whittled down enough to allow a little light to shine through (I can only hope that it is not an oncoming train) and I've lifted my head to look around.
Life is good!