View Full Version : Yep, I'm still alive.

June 8th, 2007, 11:23 AM
Just been swamped with writing, edits, kids, and a nasty cold. LOL

Hope everyone's doing good! I'm gonna try to sit down this weekend and gather some excerpts for my books to post here. :D

HeartFelt Promos
June 9th, 2007, 01:19 AM
I'm so glad you are alive!!!
Bring on the excerpt
And you can bring the guy in the cover with you.
I promise not to touch him:lol:

June 9th, 2007, 01:23 AM
Don't believe her! She can't keep her hands to herself (slaps at her hand)


June 9th, 2007, 07:13 AM
ROFL! Suuuure... ;) Yeah, gonna tackle excerpts today. :D