View Full Version : Teaser Trailer for Strings Attached (2011)

anne holly
August 27th, 2010, 10:21 PM
Hi all! So, I finally yanked up my sleeves and made my very first trailer - just a teaser, since the book's release date is only tentatively scheduled for May 2011, and I wanted some practice with the software before I had to "go live" for the release. I found the pic online, and got the photographer's permission to use it, and a friend's bf composed me 30 seconds of nice, soft piano to go with it.

So - this is my first try, so give it to me straight... Too schmaltzy? Useful at all? What should I change for the "real one"? (ETA: for the "real one," I will have more about the book itself, including an except read or something along those lines - I have a pal who's a voice actor, so she might do it for me.)

You can find it here: