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Christie Gordon
September 5th, 2010, 06:27 PM
In Life and Blood: Book 1 - Hanging in the Balance
Yaoi, M/M Paranormal Vampire Romance
Copyright© Christie Gordon
All rights reserved, eXtasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-652-5
115 pages, $4.99 US
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Snatched as a human baby and turned vampire at age eighteen to serve as a chevalier for a sadistic queen, Julian is forever alone and waiting for his destiny to be fulfilled. While on watch one night in San Francisco, Sebastian, an elder vampire of immense strength, comes to him, intent on killing him. Instead of bringing Julian to death, this stranger turns Julian's life upside down, exposing secrets that have kept him bound in his torturous life. Can Julian accept the truth and free himself of his bonds to find his one true love or will he find he can't betray the queen he's sworn to protect?
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Adult Excerpt:
Sebastian pulled him down to the grass and lay over him. With his bent arms on either side of Julian’s head, he kissed him with more urgency, more ferocity than ever before. His tongue penetrated Julian, his hips ground down, rubbing their erect cocks together through the fabric of their pants. He flicked his tongue on Julian’s fang, opening a cut and letting his blood flow into Julian’s mouth.
He sucked on Sebastian’s tongue while kissing his lips. The sweet blood of Sebastian fed his need and made his cock ache. His hands roamed down Sebastian’s back to cup his buttocks. He tugged, pulling their groins tighter together. Delicious friction sent sensation from his seeping cock down to his tightening sac and through his whole body. “Oh, God.”
“I’m far from being God.” A momentary grin quirked Sebastian’s lips. He lowered himself down over Julian and lifted Julian’s t-shirt up and over his head. Sitting up over Julian’s hips, he let his gaze wander over the younger vampire. “So beautiful, no wonder she chose you.”
His mind pulled out of the haze of lust. “Chose me for what?”
Sebastian placed his index finger over Julian’s mouth. “Hush.” He came down over Julian’s chest, licking and nipping at his nipples, one after the other.
His back arched as pleasure enveloped him once again. He thrust up against Sebastian’s hip. Momentary sharp pain raced through him from his right nipple. He cried out. Immediate pleasure matched the pain as Sebastian sucked and drank his blood. The rhythm of his heart changed. His erection pulsed with the intense sensations rolling through is body. Deep moans, one after the other, ripped free from his throat.
“You want me, my angel?”
“Y-yes, oh yes.”
“You want my blood?”
Hunger washed over him in a torrent. “Please, Sebastian.”
“Will you be mine?” Sebastian sucked harder.
Need and hunger swarmed inside Julian. The sensitivity in his neglected cock hummed and pulsated. His mind surrendered to pure lust. “I’ll be yours. I am yours.”
Sebastian’s arm rose up and his wrist met with Julian’s fangs.
Julian bit hard and suckled with all his might, letting the sweet blood satiate part of his desire. Again, his heartbeat adjusted to some external rhythm.
Sebastian came down over Julian’s groin, unfastened his jeans and exposed Julian’s weeping cock. He licked up its shaft and swirled his tongue over the head, over and over.
Muffled cries erupted from Julian with each lick, each swirl of Sebastian’s tongue. The ache in his cock grew unbearable. His sac tightened for release.
Sebastian ripped his arm free from Julian’s fangs and sat up next to him. The punctures healed instantly.
He peered up at Sebastian with heavy breaths lifting and lowering his chest. “What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”
A wide grin swept over Sebastian’s lips. “It’s time for you to learn how to do what I do.”
He sat up on his elbows. “Please, let me pleasure you.”
Keeping his gaze locked on Julian’s, Sebastian removed his shirt and unfastened his slacks. “I suggest you get undressed as well.”
“Oh.” Immediately, he removed the remainder of his clothing and lay on the cool grass. A chill raced up his spine. His cock dribbled over his taut stomach. An unbearable need purred inside him.
Sebastian stood, took off his shoes and socks and dropped his slacks and silk briefs. His thick cock stood tall against his fair abdomen, curving up to almost meet his navel. A pearl of seed glistened at the tip. “You are mine.” He came down to lay at Julian’s side with his groin at Julian’s head and Julian’s cock close to his lips. Tilting his head down, he gazed at Julian. “Go ahead, take me into your mouth.”
His cock jerked at the request and a surge of desire raced through him. Uncertainty snapped up inside him, but he shut it away. Grasping the base of Julian’s erection, he licked upward to the tip, tasting the salty bitterness of Sebastian’s seed.
Sebastian let out a low moan and rocked his hips forward.
The act enflamed Julian. Putting his lips over the head of Sebastian’s cock, he sucked and pumped instinctively, down and up.
“That’s it.” Sebastian’s voice was husky with desire. “Take it in deeper.”
Julian brought his mouth all the way down to where his hand held the base of Sebastian’s cock and back up again. Sebastian let out a deep groan and let his head fall back.
He released his hand from Sebastian’s cock. When he pleasured himself, he liked to fondle his sac and so he ran his fingers over Sebastian’s sac, kneading and teasing as his mouth pumped again and again over Sebastian’s erection.
With his hips rocking and low moans pouring out of him, Sebastian took Julian’s weeping cock fully into his mouth and slid his lips up and down, licking the underside with his tongue.
Tingling coursed through Julian’s body and sensitivity heightened, bringing his peak to the edge. Hunger flashed forward with the urge to plummet into climax. But he couldn’t bite Sebastian like this. He held on, still pumping Sebastian with his mouth. In agony, he kept on, holding back his peak and his hunger.
Sebastian’s mouth worked faster over Julian’s cock as if he knew his lover’s dilemma. He fondled Julian’s sac with precision, running fingers over the soft skin and down to his passage. His body shook and shudders racked his thighs with each stroke of Julian’s tongue.