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Jewel Adams
September 10th, 2010, 12:19 PM
That's right, you can now purchase Hell to Heaven by Jewel Adams :) Enjoy the Excerpt - Here.

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Jewel Adams

A new bride shouldn’t have her dreams shattered and crushed before they can take a breath. Jenna discovers the man she married is a cruel, sadistic monster. She failed to escape the horror of her marriage and paid dearly for trying.

Ray can’t ignore the beautiful woman renting from his mother. All the warnings that come with Jenna can’t silence the unspoken plea he sees in her eyes. When Jenna collapses in his arms from the beating at the hands of her husband, Ray swears she will never suffer at that man’s brutal hands—ever again!

Shattered Dreams

“Stop it!”
Her cry came too late, the coffeepot hit the wall with a crash. The dark brown stain slid down the wallpaper. It looked ugly and sick, like Jenna’s life.
“Take it back, now!”
Jenna flinched back from the iron he held inches from her face. “Her family is there tonight for dinner. I promise Jimmy, I’ll take it back in the morning.”
The cruel fist wrapping in her hair jerked her head back hard against his unforgiving body. “You’ll walk over there now or I’ll kill the bastard!”
Groaning in pain and fear she could no longer hide from him. “Alright!” He’d do it…kill them, he was capable of doing it. Jenna’s throat constricted, almost strangling her over the frightening truth.
Jamming the iron into her stomach, Jenna clutched it to fight striking back at her husband. He enjoyed hurting her. Hissing in her face before letting her go, “Stay outside where I can see you. So help me you’ll be sorry if you don’t.”
She dropped her eyes and nodded, trying to gather her composure in order to hide her tattered state from their neighbors.
Jealousy! That’s all this was, Jimmy couldn’t stand her growing friendship with her landlady. As for his wild assumption that one of her sons had that look for Jenna…he was crazy. She never spoke to any of Ruth’s sons except for polite hello and goodbye as they floated in and out of their mother’s house.
But the truth didn’t matter much to Jimmy. He wouldn’t listen, not when he was like this.
Her eyes refused to see all the broken dishes and the mess she would have to clean up, swallowing hard she could feel him watching her slip her shoes on,
“Make it fast Jenna.”
Fast? She could barely make her legs move, wondering if she did collapse if all the horror of the last three months would end?
Deep throated laughter from many male voices drifted from the open kitchen door as she approached. She wondered what it would feel like to be a part of a family like Ruth’s. Regretfully, Jenna didn’t believe she’d find that kind of comfort and security.
She chanced a look back to her house, her high pitched gasp escaped over seeing Jimmy’s forceful stance in the doorway. With the living room lights in back of him his dark form looked like the devil she feared she married.
Swinging her gaze back to where she still needed to go, she stumbled, nearly falling on the first porch step. She took a deep steadying breath. Jenna desperately tried not to show any of the devastating emotions swirling inside her. These were kind people, she didn’t want to bring trouble to them. If they thought something was wrong they’d want to help, she must be convincing. But how did any sane person explain why they were returning a borrowed iron at 9:30 at night?
She forced her hand out, nearly losing her nerve when no one heard her timid knock. She caught Jimmy’s movement coming out of their door. She banged on the screen door, watching as all the heads at the table swung in her direction.
How many sons did Ruth have? Jenna counted five of the biggest men she’d ever seen staring at her. The thought came that they could take Jimmy…no, she couldn’t bring her misery to Ruth’s sons!
“Jenna, honey? Is that you?”
“Yes ma’am.” She could hear the fear in her voice. She wet her lips.
“Well, come in child.”
“Thank you…but no, I can’t…” Seeing Ruth’s brow rise she rushed on, “I have dinner on, it’ll burn. I just wanted to bring your iron back…”
Ray, yes that was the oldest son’s name, moved toward the door, but Ruth’s hand shot out to stop him at Jenna’s sharp intake of breath and pleading stare.
Ruth whispered to her son, “Stay back, Ray.”
“Alright honey.” Ruth rose giving all her sons her strictest ‘back off’ look. She stepped out onto the porch. Ruth wondered how the girl was even standing over the shaking in her small body. She took the iron she held out to her.
“Thank you, Ruth.” Jenna’s nervous glance towards her sons wasn’t missed by the older woman. “I better go.”
Ruth didn’t try and detain her, nor did she miss the dark form waiting at the corner of Ruth’s house. She moved back into the shadow of the doorway and felt Ray behind her. They both saw the man grab Jenna’s hair and pull her forcefully inside before he slammed the door.
“That bastard!” Rays scathing remark only emphasized the violent tightening in his body.
She put her hand on Ray’s chest to restrain him, “Don’t honey, she’ll only suffer more.” Both their heads swung about at the crashing noise coming from Jenna’s house.
“He’s going to kill her!”
“Gordon, call the Police. Ray, get back inside until they come, that man is crazy and I’ll not have you tangling with him!”
Not giving into his need to help that girl went against every fiber in Ray’s being. “Damn him!” Shoving past his brother he moved back into the kitchen, he tried to block out the yelling that now reached them. “I swear, if I hear her scream…”
Ruth shot her other sons a meaningful glance that sent them moving over by the door to block Ray’s path. “She’ll be alright.”
“Will she? You yourself have seen the bruises on her.” How could he not see Jenna grab her ribs when she was walking to work in the dawn light and thought no one was about? The thought of her being in that house with the creep infuriated Ray. How could any man hit a woman? Ray didn’t think Jenna could stand much more abuse. Hell, she’d blow away in a swift wind.
Gordon’s next words to their mother sent tremors of rage through Ray. “The word around town is that he sits out in the park all day and watches her work. He’s even walked up to Wade and Murray and told them they better leave his wife alone. Hell, she’s a waitress, what are they all suppose to do, use sign language?”
“Probably everyone in town knows what her husband’s about, except for Jenna.”
Ray looked at his mother over her breathless statement. “What lie has he been telling her mom?”
“Now Ray.”
“Mom, I know she confides in you and only you, heaven knows she needs somebody to talk to.”
Ruth studied her oldest son, she’d seen him watching Jenna, there was no sense keeping it from him, not when he was so set on her. “You’re right Ray. Jenna believes he’s working everyday at the mill. He leaves the house at 5:00 A.M.; she even fixes him a lunch to take.”
“Hasn’t she wondered where his paycheck is?”
His mother looked totally distraught. “He told her they are holding his first two weeks and he won’t get a check for another two weeks.”
“A whole month, what the hell are they living on…Mom?” Ray knew he shouldn’t be taking his anger out on his mother, but damn it he couldn’t help it.
“Her tips, she pays me the rent in rolled change and singles every week.” Actually, Jenna was sneaking the rent to Ruth a little each day out of her tips so Jimmy wouldn’t know, but Ruth kept it to herself.
Mark pushed through his brothers at the door. “The police are here.”
Ray was out the door before anyone could stop him. Throwing up her hands, “well, you all better go too.” The kitchen cleared before she finished. Ruth didn’t have to follow she could already guess the outcome. “Same as last time…no help.” She probably should have told the boys that she called the police on him last week. To Ruth’s way of thinking there was a real problem with the law seeing as they did nothing to a husband for beating his wife.
Ruth hated watching the shouting match her oldest was getting into with Chief Wilson, demanding that Jimmy be arrested, Ruth figured she might have more to worry over besides just Jenna. Ruth hoped she read Ray wrong where Jenna was concerned. The girl was drowning in a quicksand marriage. She’d be surprised if Ray didn’t notice. That boy’s heart was bigger than his large frame and he hated seeing anything being hurt. The fact Jenna held such a gentle beauty about herself would have naturally attracted her oldest, if not every one of her sons’ attention.
When Ray started popping in and out more than usual, Ruth made a point of letting him know the girl was married. Jenna certainly didn’t encourage anyone’s attention. The girl lived in fear of breathing wrong, frightened over the outcome. No, Ruth probably should blame herself for peeking Ray’s attention on the girl, but she’d been so darn angry and at a loss as to how to help Jenna. Especially after Jenna’s failed attempt to leave that awful man. Ruth knew the girl was too petrified to try again.
Ray could beat the tar out of that Jim Hammond, but Ruth felt that Ray understood it would only end up getting Jenna hurt in retaliation. Of all her boys, Ray never acted without thinking everything through. And yet, tonight Ruth saw anger in her son she never confronted before.
“What do you mean you won’t arrest him? He hit her damn it!” The smile of gloating satisfaction that creep shot him over Wilson’s shoulder made Ray explode, only his brothers held him back.
“Calm down Kingslea! There’s nothing we can do, he’s her husband.”
“I suppose that gives him the right to hurt her?”
“No, but there’s no real evidence…”
Ray’s darkly dangerous eyes jerked to the pale girl standing in the doorway. No evidence? Couldn’t they see the marks on her cheek and neck? Hell, he didn’t want to know how many other bruises marred her petite frame.
Beyond the altercation taking place between them, Ray’s fierce gaze connected with those iridescent blue eyes…so pleading in their quiet pain. But as their gaze upon each other intensified Ray saw the pride her husband was trying to rule, no, extinguish!
When she moved away, ending the contact she never allowed him before, Ray wanted to scream in outrage. All his fury came rolling back at the cause of her pain.
Shaking off his brothers’ hold, Ray stepped closer to the bastard. There was a devious and dangerous air surrounding her husband, making Ray wonder how she came close enough to the man to marry him. Instinctively, he felt everything about Hammond should have repelled her senses. Ray listened while Wilson warned the man not to abuse his wife again. Ray wanted to laugh. Hell, they all acted like they were back in the 1600’s not the 1960’s. This Hammond didn’t have a conscience or heart, the sheriff’s words bounced off the man…he was mean. A coward, yeah, Ray caught the nervous glances in his direction from Hammond. Maybe he could make an impression where the police failed.
While the police were getting back in their vehicles Ray moved closer to the man. Ray couldn’t hit him, he knew the bastard would take it out on Jenna.
Before the man could escape Ray yelled out. “Hammond!”
“What ya’ going to do Kingslea, hit me in front of the cops?”
“A beating would be too easy for the likes of you…but if I see one more mark on Jenna you can bet your ugly ass you’ll have wished they’d arrested you.”
Deliberately turning away from him, Ray forced himself not to respond to the man’s retaliating threats. It was hard, especially when the creep brought Jenna into it and accused Ray of wanting her for himself! “Are you a coward Kingslea?”
Stopping cold, Ray slowly turned back to face him. In a dead cold voice Ray gave the man his answer. “Only a coward hits a woman.”
It took the police to stop Hammond from reaching Ray’s back as he walked away from the ranting man.
Jenna let the curtain fall back in place when Ruth’s son disappeared into the house. She fought back her tears and struggled with the shame she carried for the man she married three month ago. “A horribly, long lifetime.”
When did things go so wrong? She couldn’t pin point the exact time or incident when he changed. Shaking her head, she guessed she really never knew Jimmy. If she did she never would have married him. She still wondered how he hid the evil inside him from her.
Unwanted, Ray Kingslea’s image gathered in her tattered mind to compare to Jimmy. “There’s nothing to compare.” Jimmy was all darkness to Ray Kingslea’s light.
It took all her strength to pull her emotions back around her, it was useless to dwell on Kingslea. There were no knights and no one could save her, the police made it clear enough. Sadly, Jenna knew she already failed at helping herself when Jimmy caught her trying to leave the other night. She shivered at the memory. What he delivered as punishment for her act wouldn’t be forgotten, nor could the brutality be seen.
He was coming back, Jenna said a silent prayer she’d not suffer another brutal night like that again…
“You’re boyfriend really asked for it!”
The denial fell silent inside her, he wouldn’t hear it anyways. God, she hurt so bad. She flinched at his touch from behind her.
“Come to bed, Jenna.”
His husky order held so much terror she wanted to run away, but her will already fell away, fear ruled as he guided her steps to the bedroom. A tiny flame of remaining pride made her pull away from him, she wondered if she could ever escape this hell.
“You’re shaking baby, let me help you undress.”
“No…” Her voice sounded pitiful to her ears. The short laugh he gave as his hands roamed over her clothes sealed her defeat.
Jenna didn’t know or care when she became naked, his evil eyes devoured every inch of her flesh, smiling over the dark bruises replacing the fading ones. His fingers were deliberately cruel on the tender skin making her suck in her breath in short gasps to prevent the groan of pain he relished hearing.
“Come on Jenna, prove to me you want my forgiveness.”