View Full Version : Trailer for THE CURSE OF A MIND by Destiny Booze

September 18th, 2010, 12:08 PM
There's no hope. The killer is using a marvel in the medical field known as techlepathy, a combination of technology and telepathy to produce a telepathic result. He's reading their minds...

A romantic thriller called THE CURSE OF A MIND by Author Destiny Booze with maybe just a touch of the unexplained... Available October 18, 2010

Find out more at http://www.destinybooze.com (http://www.destinybooze.com/)

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Savannah Chase
September 18th, 2010, 02:18 PM
The trailer looks good and so does the book...

September 19th, 2010, 10:06 AM
The trailer looks good and so does the book...

Thanks so much!