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September 24th, 2010, 10:14 PM
Kelly has a new release just out! Released by Knight Romance Publishing.

Blood Harvest Moon
A sacrifice must be made....

Only a few days from the Blood Harvest Moon a coven of witches must have a sacrifice in order to maintain their immortality.

A prophesy to fulfill...

Shaelyn, a beautiful Irish witch believes a prophesy that will bring her love and destiny. Little did she realize what it would cost her.

A destiny of greatness...

Derek Panthera, a sexy but mild mannered college student has no idea how an unexpected car accident will change is his life forever. It not only leads him straight to a coven of witches who need a blood sacrifice, but will enact a change in him he is totally unprepared for.

As the destiny of Shaelyn and Derek intertwine, a battle is on to save Derek's life from a treacherous and evil curse. As the attraction between the two becomes heated, it's Shaylen who brings out the animal in Derek he didn't know existed.

Buy your copy today for only $3.99 from amazon.com, smashwords.com, coffeetime romance, 1 romance ebooks!

September 25th, 2010, 09:14 PM

October 3rd, 2010, 07:20 PM
Blood Harvest Moon is now available for pre-order in paperback from Barnes and Noble for only $8.09. Place your order today and it will arrive in time for the holidays. Due out 12/1/2010.
www.barnesandnoble.com (http://www.barnesandnoble.com)

November 15th, 2010, 11:44 PM
The first review is in. Blood Harvest Moon receives 4 1/2 Roses from A Romance Review! "...From the first word to the last chapter, I was spellbound. The characters were terrific to read, the dialogue enchanting and the attraction between Derek and Shaelyn made the e-pages practically sizzle off my screen!..." Lucy --A Romance Review


November 27th, 2010, 10:27 AM
Wanted to post a teaser exerpt for you to enjoy. This book will be in paperback at all your favorite bookstores this week 12/1/10. It's also available right here on Coffeetime!

Shaelyn entered the kitchen and Derek looked up. He’d just finished his sandwich.

“Did you get enough to eat?” she asked.

“I did. That was the best chicken I’ve ever had. Thank you. I’ve been thinking while you were gone. I guess I should be going. I’ve imposed on you enough. I need to get home or my family will be worried. I should have been home two hours ago.”

“Derek, from what I’ve seen of your car, it is in no shape to drive to town on these dark twisting roads. You should at least stay the night, and then you can head to town in the morning. How did you find our little parcel of land anyway?”

“I was given directions by my roommate. He told me it was a short cut, but I’m beginning to think he’s an idiot. I was driving along and then this dark figure jumped in front of my car. I could have sworn it was a man. I swerved to avoid hitting him, and lost control of my car, crashing into that tree. But when I got out of the car to look for him, there was no one there.”

Shaelyn frowned. “Really? Now that’s a fanciful story if I ever heard one. Have a drop to drink before you hit the road, did you?”

Derek didn’t meet her eyes. “Well, yes, a little.”

“I’d say more than a little. You need to stay here the night. Better here than a hospital or a jail. How would you explain that to your family?”

Derek looked doubtful, but then his eyes met hers. His head told him not to listen that he had no idea who she was, but his heart said something entirely different. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt her in his very blood. Never a deep thinker, these thoughts and even the feelings baffled him. “I guess you’re right. I’ll stay the night and leave first thing in the morning. Thanks for the hospitality.”

Shaelyn put on a small pot of water. “You’re welcome. I’ll make us up some tea. You’re going to be sore from that bang into the tree; you just don’t know it yet. This will fix you right up.” She gathered mugs, spoons, and tea bags from the cupboard. “So tell me, Derek, what is your last name?”


The cup Shaelyn held in her hand fell to the floor, shattering all around her.

“Oh God, are you okay?” Derek hopped up from the chair and rushed around the

table. He knelt and picked up pieces of broken pottery.

Shaelyn recovered and stooped to help. “I’m fine. Don’t mind me. I’m just clumsy I guess. Thank you,” she said placing her hand over his. She closed her eyes for a minute Derek felt rooted to the spot. He literally couldn’t move. He met Shaelyn’s now open

eyes with his own, and he felt a very primal urge to mate with her. It shocked him. He felt

heat stir in his blood. His mind grew cloudy and his vision blurred. What was happening?

He’d never before felt this way. It was s

trong. He felt out of control. His heart rate increased, and he panted. He licked his lips. He saw her eyes deepen to a dark emerald.

Suddenly she released his hand. He fell backward on his butt. The blurred vision was gone, and his heart rate returned to normal.

“Tell me about your childhood. Brothers and sisters?”

Startled by her sudden question, Derek stuttered, “Um…Uh…I was adopted. My parents told me from the time I was very young. They didn’t ever want to talk about my real parents though, and out of respect I didn’t ask. They were very good to me and loved

me like I was their very own.”

“Was their last name Panthera?”

“That’s odd that you would ask, but no, it was Jones. They always told me that it was very important for a person to have their own last name, so while they adopted me, they didn’t change my name. They always said I would understand one day.”

“And so you shall,” Shaelyn whispered.

“What did you say?”

The tea kettle whistled.

“Oh, look at that,” Shaelyn stood. “Time for tea.” She

got another mug and poured the tea. She handed a mug to Derek. He was not a fan of tea, but he didn’t want to be rude, so he took the mug and took a small sip. “Wow, this is really good.”

Shaelyn smiled. “It’s my own special blend.”

“Tell me about your family. Do you live here alone?”

“Not exactly,” Shaelyn smiled.

“What does that mean? Do you have a boyfriend or something?” Derek asked, irritated by the possibility. That low growl emitted from his throat again and his eyes widened. He cleared his throat hoping she didn’t notice the sound.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend.” Shaelyn sipped her tea.

“Well, you don’t live here alone do you?”

“You certainly are full of questions, Mr. Panthera.”

Fearing he was perceived as rude, Derek backed off. He did

n’t really understand the feelings he was struggling to control. He was normally a very easy going person, and he’d never felt the kind of jealousy that overcame him moments ago. She must just bring out the animal in him. “I’m sorry, you’re right. Maybe I’m just drunk and tired. This tea sure is
making me sleepy. Hey, you didn’t…” He slid to the floor sound asleep.

January 27th, 2011, 08:41 PM
Hey Everyone,
If you are in the Florida area, come visit me and other KRP authors at the Walden Books in the mall at Port Richey. 11am - 3 pm. Hope to see you there.

March 17th, 2011, 07:05 PM
Check out the nice 4 star review on Blood Harvest Moon by Night Owl Reviews