View Full Version : Something Unusual! An Interview With a...READER?

Miss Mae
October 14th, 2010, 10:06 AM
Sure, we've all interviewed other authors, agents, publicists, reviewers...but what about one of those people who help us earn our bread and butter? You know, a READER??

How do they feel? What do they look for in a good book? Their opinions DO matter to us, right?

Today, I have a fantastic guest, Louise Pledge, at my blog. Turns out she's more than a reader, by the way. She has lived in a unique part of the globe where her own husband has interviewed folks with names you might find familiar.....does Nixon ring a bell????

Come over and discover Louise, leave a comment to let this amazing woman know how much you appreciate her love for, and dedication to, authors!


*ALSO: For ALL new people who sign up as a MEMBER at my site, and COMPLETE THE PROCESS, (it's a two stage set-up), you'll win a coupon for a FREE download of my P&E award winning short story, "Dove Island".

That's today, Oct. 14 at Miss Mae's site/blog. Thank you!