View Full Version : On Target

Amy Gallow
October 16th, 2010, 04:17 PM
I'm on target to sign my third contract for 2010, two under my own name and one as Amy (Still no word of a release date for "Her Brother's Keeper" yet) and I am working steadily on the three for 2011, all very different stories: a contemporary romance set in the Victorian high plains; a story set on the Australian coastal ships in 1972 and a historical tale beginning in 1580 Cornwall about a family outlawed by Elizabeth I after the defeat of the Armada.
I am down to two current submissions at two different publishers and the time has ticked over for one of them so I expect a response daily. They're not someone I've published with before, so I have nothing to guide me but the quality of the story and the wait is a little nervous. The other submission I have more confidence in, as they know my work.
Wish me luck.