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Promo Crystal
November 2nd, 2010, 07:41 PM
Jaxx Steele's "Healing the Beast Within"


Cursed for a crime he did not commit, Keith Turner had given up on love.

Even after making that decision, he still spent every night being tortured.

His brother Kevin was confident that they could find a way to break the curse, but it wasn’t until Keith met Marcello that he ever took Kevin’s ideas to heart.

And now in print...

Marie Rochelle's The Caught Collection


A hot chemistry that that could not be denied…but would it be answered?

An unrequited love finally noticed…but was it too late?

Find out in…

The Caught Collection

Caught: Ryan Lerner is constantly approached by gorgeous woman because of his job. However, none of them have drawn his attention like the spunky and petite, mocha-skinned Ajana Bennett, who begs him to help her clear her name. Will her secret make him change his mind about having a relationship, or will he do everything in his power to prove her innocence and make her his woman?

Caught 2: Ajana's Return: Ajana is innocent of the crimes charged against her. She has to clear her name, and needs hunky cop Ryan Lerner on her side. However, she eluded him once before and risked his job...can she win his trust?

So Much Better: Why them and not her? Keri Walker thought about those simple little words ever since her boss' fiancé left him. There wasn't a doubt in her mind she would be so much better for Richie if he only let her in. Richie Davidson was devastated by the sudden loss of the woman he had been building a future with. Women were coming from left to right offering him comfort, but he wasn't interested in them. Because one unique beauty not seated ten feet outside his office door had already caught his eye.

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