View Full Version : Release Date for "Her Brother's Keeper"

Amy Gallow
November 8th, 2010, 06:22 AM
Whiskey Creek Press have advise a release date - April 2011!
A brother par excellence, comforter, protector, mentor, guide, working overseas to support her
and his mother, everything a brother should be and rarely is—or a lover beyond her dreams?
Drawn into a web of intrigue by others, Heather’s quandary intensifies when Richard returns to
Malaysia after a long-time friend suffers a heart attack.
The strands of the web begin to tighten when she is sent to join him by the plotters, with the
intention of compromising her in a drug deal. Richard hustles her out of the country and goes to
ground to untangle the matter.
Forced to rely on piecemeal and contradictory information, Heather can only guess what is
happening to the man she grew up with as a brother, but is now the core of her existence
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