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tonya kinzer
December 23rd, 2010, 03:39 AM

I'm glad you're interested enough to venture in and see who I am. I could easily be the sweetheart next door or the fun loving soccer mom! I'm just like you...but I dared to venture one step further in obtaining my dream of being an author, so here I am. I'm not waiting for a publisher to get my books in print because I want to share stories that others want to read right now.

I assume you're here looking for a great story that pushes the envelope and dares to share those activities one might only dream about in the privacy of their sleep induced darkness. Have you wondered about what if feels like to be tied and maybe blindfolded while someone caresses your body, introducing you to new sensations? Welcome to my world. I will make it okay for you to read about those fantasies because here it's okay. You're not actually taking part in the activities yet you get to enjoy being a part them because I will pull you into my world to play with my characters.

Sound like something you want to know more about? Exactly! I knew you'd agree so come on...click the link, go read a few pages and see if you dare to buy the rest of the story. I think you will if only to see what lies ahead for my two characters who have agreed to join the 'lifestyle' that only a few enjoy. Some consider it taboo yet others find such a satisfaction in what awaits them.


HERE (http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/tonyakinzer) is the link...I hope you enjoy the story and want more installments. Let me know!

tonya kinzer
January 1st, 2011, 01:52 PM
Nick is looking forward to teaching Sondra the ins and outs of a Dom/sub relationship...more ins than outs, that's for sure. They don't live 100% in this world but when they do, it will heat up the pages for you and pull you into the fun they enjoy.

He loves the strong personality she has and that she knows what she wants and goes after it, in her job and in her life. She loves exercise to stay in shape so he has a partner at the gym as well as at the office, although her pencil skirts are a bit distracting with the tight ass she has and those firm thighs that look so sexy in her heels.

The first day he saw her working out at the weights in the gym, her pretty ponytail swaying as she moved sent his blood rushing to softer parts of his body, hardening to get his attention! He envisioned her firm body bent over a table and her toned arms stretched and tied...he knew that day he'd have to make it happen.

tonya kinzer
January 18th, 2011, 12:27 PM
An excerpt from the upcoming free read of the prequel to The Boss's Pet:

Sondra entered the warm, patchouli scented massage room, followed by Nick, and the butterflies in her stomach swirled. Serenity surrounded them in this plush spa room. She took in a deep breath, letting the patchouli fill her senses and she knew today would be a nice treat from her lover. Nick had mentioned to her that in order to enjoy the massage, she should clear her mind, relax and not stop the massage, but enjoy the experience...no matter what. Exactly what he meant by that she wasn’t sure but she’d go along at this point.

She glanced back at Nick and he kissed her neck, wrapping his arms around her. Instantly she felt his hardness against her bottom as he hand tenderly cupped her breast. He had a way of making her wet just being near him. Thoughts of their own massages drifted through her mind and she could only imagine what might be in store for her today. The room had two massage tables separated by a dressing screen. Nick moved to his side and she to hers and began unbuttoning her blouse and shorts.

From the other side of the screen, she could hear Nick’s belt buckle and she easily imagined his tight naked torso, slim muscled hips and tight ass. They’d already shared a few massages and her face heated just thinking of the pleasure he gave her. Was she ready for a total stranger to touch her the way Nick had? He’d told her to keep an open mind and go with what happened. She didn’t want to be a prude and knew she could expand her acceptance of what might be done to her. She was game for whatever this week might bring. Now naked, she lay face down on the towel-covered table and covered herself with the large towel they’d left for her. Sexual thoughts flooded her mind as she could only imagine what Nick meant by not stopping the massage. She glanced toward the dressing screen as Nick folded it and leaned it against the wall then lay flat on his own table, covered with his towel. He reached his hand out and she squeezed his fingers.

“Calm down, you’ll love this. It’s so relaxing, you won’t want it to stop when their done.”

“I know. I enjoy our massages so much. Thanks for knowing what a woman needs. Not every woman is as lucky as I am.”

“A woman as special as you deserves to be pampered...”

A door behind them opened, the lights dimmed way down, soft Arabian music began to drift from the overhead speakers and Sondra closed her eyes for a minute to enjoy the relaxing sounds that matched the scent of patchouli. Trickling water also began and she was lost to whatever they wanted to do to her.

“Hi Nick, it’s good to see you back in Palm Springs. What a way to start off your week here. Let’s get started.” Tony sat down on a low stool in front of her and Nick, then a woman sat next to him. “This is Katherine, she will do Sondra’s massage. You’re both in for an experience you won’t forget. Massage is a proven way for the muscles to release the tension so the muscles smooth out and relax, sending endorphins everywhere to make you feel warm and cozy.”

Sondra smiled at the gorgeous brunette with blues eyes, a bit surprised at the low cut top she had on that didn’t do a thing to hide her voluptuous cleavage. Katherine stepped over to where the oil heated, then stepped beside Sondra’s table and moved her towel to her waist. The table lowered so Katherine could work easier. Warm oil dripped over her back and strong, gentle hands began to move the oil around. Sondra closed her eyes and listened to the music and trickling water. The massage felt wonderful as the tension began to be released from her muscles. Katherine obviously knew what she was doing and was strong enough to press on the knotted areas in her neck and shoulders to get the tension out.

Slow motions up, slow motions down. She was in wonderland!

Sondra opened her eyes to see how Nick was enjoying his massage and met Nick’s blue eyes already watching her. Tony was working Nick’s neck and shoulders too but seemed a bit more rough than Katherine was; she imagined Tony’s hands on her body and immediately felt herself get moist! She moved her hips to stretch her lower back and at the same time, the hands on her shoulders began to move lower, massaging her shoulder blades then down each side. When her fingers touched the sides of Sondra’s breasts, she tried hard to ignore it but the fingers began to move slower, in large circles on the sides of her breasts, then on her back, then to the edges of her breasts again. Firm strokes moved up her back, down the length, then back up, now down one arm and then the other. It felt so soothing.

Sondra closed her eyes and got so relaxed. Then a blindfold was placed over her eyes but she accepted it without a word.

“This will just help you relax more. Enjoy it. Let your mind take you away.” Her sexy voice helped.

The sensations were like a drug, sending her deeper into the erotic zone, loving the fact that her body melted in the massaging hands that now pressed against her buttocks muscles. Thumbs pressed against knots that hurt yet felt good as they became less tight. Circular motions smoothed against her muscles when Katherine’s hands moved from the bottom of her ass cheeks to the top, trying hard to work the tight muscles there. Again the thumbs pressed along the muscles in search of more stress knots and as more released, Sondra moaned aloud and that startled her.

Pique your interest? I'm almost finished with it and will post the free read at Smashwords when it's ready - the Kindle and Nook versions will also be there and at B & N. Visit often to learn when that will be.

Thank you for wanting more!

tonya kinzer
March 9th, 2011, 11:09 PM

I made it happen! Yippee!! 'The Contract' is being formatted at Smashwords. Wow, what a frantic few days but the FREE read pre-quel to Office Training Goes Home has been uploaded and will be ready for YOU to download in a few days.

Be sure to get that laptop or iPad on ice before the download because it's a scorcher! Ladies, you may need to have a spare pair of panties handy just in case! Oops, sorry! *wicked laugh*

I hope you all enjoy meeting Nick and Sondra and will want more of their adventures in the future. Not sure when the next book will be available, I need a bit of a break but it won't be a long one!

Thank you for stopping in and....enjoy! *wink* Don't say I didn't warn you how hot it is!


tonya kinzer
May 21st, 2011, 12:36 AM

Thank you all for your support! Wow...I hope those of you who grabbed your copy of The Contract while it was free enjoyed the story.

I'm now working on book three, Sharing Among Friends, and that should be out in late June.

More news...my books are now at Amazon Kindle as of today!! Whoo hoo!! If you have read them or plan to in the future, I so hope you return to leave a rating and comment. B & N will also let readers leave comments and ratings; it really does help a book move up!

Thank you all for stopping in..come back for more news or head over to my blog (http://tonyakinzer.blogspot.com) for more site links!


tonya kinzer
November 17th, 2013, 08:00 PM

The Contract has been FREE for quite a while and I didn't realize the post below was here. If you've not read book one yet and you're are NOT offended by erotica and bondage scenes, the series might be of interest to you. Do be warned that the entire series is related to Dom/sub and the BDSM lifestyle - a genre NOT recommended for all readers!

Other posts in my forum talk about other books in the series and I'm currently working on book five and HOPE to release it in late December, pending no emergencies at the office! Whew! Yes I've had a few and hopefully those fires are put out for a while!

Thank you for stopping in! Muah!