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Elizabeth Black
January 15th, 2011, 05:23 PM

Indiscretions Vol. 2 - The Mile High Club and Room Service
Release Date: 14 January 2011
ISBN: 978-1-935757-12-2
Author: Elizabeth Black
Format: E-Book
Genre: Erotica
Category: Erotic, Male Male, Gay, Hetero, Multiple Partner, Threesome, Ménage, Short Stories
Length: 7,627 words 41 pp (PDF)
Price: $3.99

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Elizabeth Black continues her ribald Indiscretions series with Indiscretions: Vol. II. These two short stories follow the amorous adventures of Caryn as she wings her way across country to a writer’s convention. In THE MILE HIGH CLUB, Caryn has a high altitude fling with the sexy Jeremy. Their encounter isn’t without comic complications, but a very good time is had by all. The action continues in ROOM SERVICE, when Caryn and Jeremy meet a mutual friend and the sexual action is three-times hotter!

Lusty Drool Smilie Lusty Drool Smilie Lusty Drool Smilie

Excerpt from The Mile High Club:

They retreated to the restroom and locked the door behind them. If the airline staff noticed they turned the other way. Caryn wondered how many other people had used the restroom in their own version of The Mile High Club?

She was glad she wore a miniskirt with stockings and sexy panties. She had hoped she'd have a hot tryst at 35,000 feet and it looked like she was about to continue her arousing flight. Although she wished she had more than twenty minutes, she decided to take full advantage of her position.

Jeremy hoisted her up against the sink and pushed her until she backed up against the mirror. His pants were unzipped and down to his knees in seconds. She wrapped her strong legs around his waist, shoved her panties aside, and guided in his thick erection. He was so big he threatened to split her in two so she held her legs until her knees were near her chest to completely accommodate him. He grunted as he thrust into her, hips moving in a steady beat as his thighs slapped against her own. He pounded into her so hard her body moved up the mirror approaching the ceiling. With each thrust her heart beat hard in her chest, wanting to be set free. She pulled up his shirt, wanting to feel his warm flesh, and scratched at his back with her long, manicured nails, leaving welts that made him cry out in exquisite pain. She wanted him so badly she would do anything to fuck him senseless.

Lusty Drool Smilie Lusty Drool Smilie Lusty Drool Smilie

Excerpt from Room Service:

"Oooh, I like that," Jeremy said. "We'll do everything else, but no intercourse."

"What about the rabbit?" Caryn asked.

"Sex toys don't count. No cock will enter your pussy today, but we will give you the most insane orgasms you've ever experienced!" Takeshi's promise was so intense his breath came in spurts.

"I think I can get into this. I want to pleasure you two, as well. Don't leave me out of the equation." Caryn stroked their bare backs with her hands, running her fingernails along their skin, bringing forth the most delightful shivers from both men.

Takeshi took her right breast into his mouth and sucked hard on her nipple. She felt him fist his cock and stroke it slowly, and he moaned against her chest. Jeremy shifted in the bed until his groin faced her and she took his cock into her mouth. He tasted of pre-cum and a little strawberry lube. Takeshi worked her tits with one hand while beating off with his other and she felt his body jostle on the bed next to her. He even grew warmer! She looked down to see Jeremy slip a condom over her butt plug and dribble some lube on it. In seconds he eased it into Takeshi's waiting asshole. The man moaned with delight and squirmed atop her. Oh, to feel Jeremy's finger up her ass again!


Elizabeth Black
January 16th, 2011, 10:26 PM

Read my Strange But True stories geared around my new release, INDISCRETIONS VOL. 2: THE MILE HIGH CLUB and ROOM SERVICE.

I had to tell you about a REAL Mile High Club, in Australia.


Mile High Club: legal sex on a plane

Travellers who want to join the mile high club by having sex on a plane can book a raunchy flight with Erotic Airways.

Operating in Queensland, Australia, the flights cost from $675 for a 40-minute flight and $75 extra if you fancy inviting along a third passenger for a threesome.

The package includes a double bed with satin sheets, champagne, chocolates and a 'safe sex' package.

The cabin and cockpit are completely separate so you won’t have the crew peering at you mid-act. See www.eroticairways.com.au.


Elizabeth Black
January 16th, 2011, 10:28 PM

The Disclave Convention Flood

This true story is in honor of my short story ROOM SERVICE. Disclave was a science fiction and fantasy convention held from 1950 through the 1990s. At one con, a man not associated with the con brought all his kinky attire with him to his hotel room, hooked himself to his room's sprinkler system to engage in The Nasty, and proceeded to flood the hotel. Disclave was banned from the hotel from that moment on, although the guests which caused the flood had nothing to do with the con. For more jaw-dropping information, go here:



This year they Went Too Far. Fortunately for Disclave, the person (apparently a New York City cop!) in whose room the flooding occurred was not a registered member of Disclave. This improved Disclave's position with the hotel considerably. Apparently when they looked for attachments in the room to which to tie their Ms, they used a ceiling fire sprinkler head. The resultant flooding -- which began on the fourth floor -- caused significant damage, not only to the rooms directly beneath, but to elevators and Disclave's "green room." (But not the "con suite," which was located under the parking garage. It suffered its own leaks during a Sunday afternoon thunderstorm . . . .) Hotel guests were evacuated to the parking lot, and some guests had to be relocated to dry rooms subsequently.