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Elizabeth Black
January 15th, 2011, 05:31 PM

Indiscretions Vol. I - Caught and Wild Child
ISBN: 978-1-935757-01-6
Author: Elizabeth Black
Format: E-Book
Length: 7,467 words 36 pp (PDF)
Genre: Erotica
Category: Erotic, Cougar, Romance, Humor
Price: $3.99

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From the Romance Divine Mistress of Mayhem, Elizabeth Black, come two ribald tales of neighborly lust. Kevin was enamored with his older neighbor, sexy Cougar Betsy, and their clandestine trysts were bawdy bouts of passion. The lovers are surprised by the arrival of Betsyís husband and Kevinís rooftop escape is blocked by an angry avian aggressor. Itís man versus seagull in CAUGHT. In WILD CHILD a ginger root becomes the terrible tuber as the lovers get to the bottom of a new kind of love.

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Excerpt from CAUGHT:

Betsy motioned to one of the windows. Kevin saw clouds, a blue sky, some thunderclouds, and sweet freedom outside that window. If he could pull it off, he could run across the roof and jump to his window at his house. He lived next door to Betsy, which made their trysts all the easier. He had the same kind of Gothic arch window in his bedroom, and he always left it unlatched when he was next door exploring Betsy's walk-in closet. He had played out a scenario of leaping out her window and into his window next door if Dean ever came home. That was assuming he would not land in a crumpled heap twenty feet below in his side yard.

He never thought he would actually have to do it.

There was a first time for everything.

He ran for the window, and unlatched it. Something smacked him over the head. His Jocko. Betsy had run to the bathroom and turned on the shower. There was no time for him to get dressed. He had to do it on the roof, hopefully out of sight of Dean, who was very jealous of any man so much as sniffing at Betsy's skirts.

He plunged through the window, and crawled on all fours across the roof. The wind had picked up and there was a chill in the air. Storm clouds thundered over his shoulder. He couldn't stay outside stranded on the roof for long. He only had to leap the four feet onto his own roof, and climb through his bedroom window. Piece of cake.

If only things were that simple.

Lusty Drool Smilie Lusty Drool Smilie Lusty Drool Smilie

Excerpt from Wild Child:

Kevin paced the living room waiting for Betsy to arrive. Peter Gabriel's dulcet tones drifted down from the bedroom. How long was this going to take? Should he cook dinner? The hell with that. He'd order Chinese when she came over. General Tso's chicken was her favorite Chinese dish.

When he heard the back door open, his heart skipped a few beats.
She's here!!! She's here!!! I want to grab her and suck on her earlobes!!

His legs couldn't carry him to the back door fast enough. She wore her favorite raccoon coat and not much else. He grabbed her around the waist, and swung her around. Before she could protest too much, he covered her eyes with his palms.

"What's this about, babe? You got a surprise for me?"

"You bet I do." He pulled the blindfold out of his pocket, and tied it around her head, covering her eyes. As he tied the blindfold, his tongue snaked around and licked her ear.

"That tickles!"

"Can you see?"


"Good! We're going to have some fun tonight."

"Oh, goodie!"

"Take my hand, and follow me. And don't peek!"

"I wouldn't dare. I love games!"

"I know you do. You are going to love this one. One of the best in a long time."