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Promo Crystal
January 18th, 2011, 07:20 PM
Yvette Hines' "Arrested Heart: Apprehension"


Danielle Smith arrested Robert Wright's heart a long time ago, years later they find themselves in a hidden affair once again.

There are walls standing between their happily-ever-after, secrets of the past. Danielle allows Robert to command her body in unbridled passion. However, she refuses to listen to his pleas that he wants her in his life publicly.

When a secret is revealed. and the bond between them is tried. will their love keep them together. or release them to walk away?

And now in print...

G.A. Hauser's Top Men


LAPD cop Mickey Stanton knew the minute the new guy, Jeff Chandler, a transfer from Seattle PD ended up in his division, he was crazy about him. Ending up in the same patrol car working as partners, Mickey couldn't believe his luck when one late evening at the end of shift, they revealed to each other their sexual preference. From that moment, the two of them began a fiercely wild love affair which included risque sex on duty.

As the exhaustion and stress of the job compete with their volatile relationship, Mick and Jeff struggle to keep what they have alive as the battles between them are as passionate as the sexual bouts. Can the two big cats, the sworn officers of LAPD make it happen? Or will the job and the anger separate these top men? Sometimes the answer is sitting in a patrol car by your side.

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