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Promo Crystal
January 25th, 2011, 07:37 PM
Yvette Hines' "Prisoner of Desire: Apprehension"


Tall, lanky Mandy Franklin has been awkward all of her life. As a cop in Claremont County, she's been content being just one of the guys, until the night of the Fourth of July fair.

Mandy finds herself in a case of mistaken identity and a sizzling encounter with gorgeous, golden eyed Stephen Ewing in the dark moonwalk exhibit. His commanding, forceful presence stirs something deep inside of her. Now, she wants nothing more than for Steve to see her as a beautiful, fluid, sexy woman.

As the bank manager in town, Steve always has to be respectable, never allowing his dark nature to surface. On a whim, he decides to take a woman up on her offer of a little reckless fun. It isn't until later that he discovers he was getting hot and heavy with the wrong woman.

Suddenly, Mandy, a woman he's never thought of beyond her skills on the community sports league, starts to heat his blood to a higher level every time he sees her. Now with a desire for a ginger-scented woman he just can't shake loose, the wrong woman seems like the right woman after all.

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