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February 13th, 2011, 06:15 PM
Genre: Erotica
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This is an audio book on CD. Not a downloadable file. It will be shipped to you.
[MP3 Audiobook]

The Princess is the ruler of Aurora, a small but enterprising country in a big, fantastical world. She is beautiful and complex. She is also powerful, ruthless and sexually amoral. Leading her fabulous ‘Pleasure Corps’ she deploys a sophisticated array of expert and libertine sexual practices to help her punch above her weight.
But in the East a terrible threat is rising. Dim Sun is a dissolute and psychopathic General who has already conquered all the territory east of the Tal-Heng Mountains and is thinking ‘where next?’ During his rampage he hears of the Princess and fixates on her. He comes to a decision: He will ruin her and her people.
So, dear Reader, come and enter “The Cum Queen”. Pause and thrill to virtuoso erotic descriptions while you follow the Princess and her retinue through their astoundingly vivid and explicit multi-sexual adventures. And brace yourself for the shocking denouement when her own and Dim Sun’s stories collide in an apocalyptic finale.

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