View Full Version : This One's For You Authors! Here's Hoping You'll Join Me.

Sky Purington
March 6th, 2011, 04:05 AM
I've decided to step outside my 'comfy box.' What does that mean? Well, I'm opening up my blog to all authors!

For the past few years I've kinda lived inside my own controled cyberspot. Basically, I hosted events catering to specific topics and authors whom wrote tales in that genre.

No more! 2011 is a time for change and I welcome authors of all genres. Did you write an Erotica? Cool! A western? Nice! Fantasy? Sounds good!

My blog, A Writer's Mind wants everyone who published a novel or novella, no matter the content. Three days a week you've an opportunity to promo different aspects of your tale.

Click HERE (http://campaigns.ratepoint.com/campaigns/823672a06ac6dc3a2809c7f37c6c3599?r=202c1f807706174 a5b417e466d34ac36) to learn more.

Best Regards,