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June 26th, 2007, 09:56 AM
Find out why they call it “The Wild, Wild West"<o></o>

Sizzling Western Romance at its finest!<o></o>

The sequel to If You Only Knew (http://www.archebooks.com/BookIDX/Indexes/Romance/IYOK/IYOKDesc.htm)<o></o>

Find out why they call it “The Wild, Wild West”<o></o>


In an attempt to save her own life, Miss Annabelle Garrett flees Boston and her high society fiancé. Stranded in a western backwater, she unwittingly takes a job in a brothel.<o></o>


Neville Hilliard cant believe his luck. His new hire is not only beautiful, she turns out to be a missing heiress and the only daughter of a man Neville idolizes. The reward money alone would buy him what he wants most, but is the furthest thing from his mind as he works to seduce her into his bed and into his heart.<o></o>

Into His Arms<o></o>

Torn between protecting her innocence and stealing it for himself, Neville must come to grips with his past and present before he stands any chance at a future.




“You aren’t going to kiss me, are you?” Her question rooted him. He would like nothing more in the world than to kiss her. But, what an odd question.
“Would you like for me to kiss you?”
“No, thank you,” she said rather decidedly.
“Very well,” he said, almost chuckling at her answer. “You’ve probably never been kissed,” he muttered, reaching down to turn the wick on the oil lamp.
“Oh, but I have,” she assured him, her voice sounding grave. She wondered why she felt she could tell him anything and wondered even more about the slight buzzing she was experiencing.
“Have you, indeed? Judging from your response, I would wager you had not.”
She shrugged, refusing to answer his expectant look. “Very well,” he said. “Have it your way.”
“No, not my way. His way. He always has his way,” she muttered, tiredly.
Did she realize what she was saying?
“Who has had his way? Some boy? Beside a haystack, in the moonlight?” he asked, hoping to impress upon her that she had only been pecked on the cheek. Nowhere near the sort of kiss he wanted to bestow upon her as he looked down into her upturned face.
“He’s not a boy,” she uttered, sounding utterly deflated.
“A man? Are you telling me that you have actually been kissed by a man?”
The memory of Gavin forcing her lips apart and sending waves of pain and revulsion through her must have been evident in her face.
By the determined and baleful look in her eyes, he knew she had indeed been kissed and by a man. The thought made his blood boil. Before he could guess his next move, his body made it for him. Placing his knee on the bed, he took a hold of her chin, tilting her face up and just as quickly his lips fused over hers for a taste.
At first, he could tell she was shocked at his boldness. No one was as surprised as he was. He was determined to show her that she indeed had not been kissed, not the way he could. At the first touch, he feathered his lips across hers. Then he fused his lips to hers. Her first reaction was to clamp her lips together and she winced, almost as if she expected an onslaught. She wouldn’t get that from him, he thought as he traced the tight seam of her lips lightly with the tip of his tongue. As he slid his tongue across her upper lip, she jerked, gasping quietly as she felt a little shock. As she gasped, he slipped past her teeth to play just for a second. He had certainly left her something to think about.
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