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March 10th, 2011, 02:07 AM

NEW REVIEWS - Crossroads, Book 1
By Keta Diablo

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About Crossroads (Novella 1)
Private investigator and ex-cop Frank McGuire is on a quest to find his dead partner's missing son. Rand Brennan has an identity issue, exacerbated since the death of his father. Hoping to find himself, Rand drops out of college, takes to the streets, and doesn't realize he's embroiled in duplicity and murder. In order to save Rand, Frank must confront the nefarious killers, and confront his long-suppressed feelings for Rand.

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CROSSROADS Snippets of Reviews (Novella 1)

WARNING: This series has elements of intense, graphic sexual activity

”Crossroads makes for one highly charged and erotic read, Frank in all his alpha male, is the boss and what he say goes, no questions asked. Finding Rand means finding trouble because Rand is in the thick of it. Not able to hold back from the man Rand has become Frank is overwhelmed. Danger and a killer is hot on their heels and Rand and Frank have in their possession the key to capturing the killer.” – 4.5 Stars - Book Junkie

* * *
“This story is not for the meek. Be prepared for in your face angst and carnal lust that crosses accepted boundaries. But in the end, you’ll have read a story of two unforgettable men. Thankfully, this is the first in the series and Frank and Rand have time to explore their volatile relationship. I’ll be coming along with them, because as disturbing as some parts were, I’m hooked.” - Seriously Reviewed

* * *
“The sex scenes were erotic, focusing on domination and submission. The context of the sexual interaction was clever and well written, considering that the sex starts out as semi-non-consensual but ends very consensual. This can be difficult to write because it is uncomfortable if the ‘victim’ goes from being raped to enjoying it, used to romanticize violent sexual interaction. Instead, the author has written a scene of passion and domination that, given the context, works. Overall, this story is pleasant with interesting characters, a good mystery and great sex. Enjoy!” – Rainbow Reviews
* * *
The hot, steamy sex experienced by these two men is off the charts. When hot, animalistic attraction takes over and compels their bodies to explore territory previously forbidden, nothing can stop it.

“Ms. Diablo carefully orchestrates the scenes to include just the right amount of fear, stimulation and eroticism. The reader is instantly driven to not only see where the characters end up but also to find out the identity of the Black Rail Killer. The reveal is not what you think and that makes it so much more enticing.” You Gotta Read – Our Top Rating! 5 Stars.

* * *
I encourage you to read Crossroads, and when you do, think about what "homoerotic thriller" means. When you see this disclaimer, "Elements: scenes of intense sexual activity", you have to know that this isn’t going to be your typical romance full of soft core love. The BDSM play isn’t mild to say the least. The author does an amazing job with Frank and Rand. They are both men, and that’s what this story is about. We know this is a series. We know the characters have to change in order to keep the series going, and Diablo created two amazing men to do just that.” 5 Stars – Michele & Jeff Reviews

* * *
Keta Diablo is one of my favorite erotic romance authors. Because I enjoyed her erotic historical romances, I bought her new male/male contemporary romance Crossroads. Diablo delivers a steamy, hot, mysterious erotic novel that will make you want more. I couldn't stop reading Crossroads until I found out how things would end for Frank and Rand. I’ll be reading more gay fiction books by Ms. Diablo and must give this book 5 Stars. Talk About My Favorite Authors.

* * *
“I really enjoyed this story. I like crime stories, but throw in the heat between an ex-cop and a young man in trouble, and the sex reaches new levels. Keta Diablo writes a wonderful crime thriller that delves not into the mind of a killer, but into the mind of a former cop who communes with the dead who help him catch the killer. The author’s knowledge of psychic phenomena transfers to this story with insight and believability. There is just the right amount of suspense and drama. I recommend this short story for anyone who is looking for a walk on the dark
side.” 4 Stars – Whipped Cream Erotic Review

* * *
“Crossroads is charged with dark eroticism and contains a couple of scenes that are intensely sexual in nature. Since they entail dubious consent – definitely not rape, but they probably could have gone in that direction with just a little effort – I have rated the sensuality of this story a 4.5. Overall, I thought this story was quite well done and very worth the read. I can see that Teagan and I will be tussling over who reads Ms. Diablo’s future releases. Heads I win…tails you lose, right?” 4.5 Bookwenches.
* * *
“I loved this book! I'm new to this author--this is only the second story of hers that I've read, but it definitely got me hooked, both on her as an author and on this series. The sex was SO hot. It wasn't just smoking--it was flaming! The way she took it from forced seduction to consensual sex was so skillfully done, it just left you panting for more. I found this to be an excellent read--well-written with great attention to detail (especially regarding the crime/detective aspect). I rated it 5 out of 5 stars, and I will definitely read the rest of this series!” Jalane C. Reader

* * *
"Intense and dark, Crossroads by Keta Diablo takes us into the gritty realism of dealing with drugs, death and decisions. Diablo has penned a story not for the faint at heart. Violence and death add to the realism while the relationship between Rand and Frank adds the unusual romance, making this noel of two men at a Crossroads strangely compelling. There are all sorts of relationships in this world, and Keta Diablo shows just one, one that works in Crossroads. Don’t miss this one! You will be looking for the others in the series when you’re done with this gripping tale. 4 Stars – Sensual Reads

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