View Full Version : Lost Hearts

Ashlynn Monroe
March 12th, 2011, 02:28 PM
When a sensual dream lover becomes reality for a sheltered princess her dream becomes a nightmare. Stolen from her groom at her bond mating ceremony that would have linked her to a man she does not love telepathically for the rest of her life she is faced with the man that she thought was nothing but imagination. The reality that he is the kind of alpha male warrior that she is not prepared to understand from a world that is frightening and foreign to her makes her doubt the love she feels for him. Duty to her people battles the love she has for her warrior in a battle that is fought in her heart. Her innocent body burns for him but her mind tells her that he is all wrong for her and for her people. When he dominates her body she realizes that he has already dominated her heart. If she can fully accept him as her mate only then will she have the happiness that she deserves.