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June 30th, 2007, 05:58 PM
Karenne and I had a great discussion earlier today. I'm putting together a paid seminar on worldbuilding.

I write Science Fiction Romance, so worldbuilding is vital to me. However, you are creating just as much of a world in Regency Romance - with detail that others who know the period can go behind and check. Accuracy, detail, and continuity are huge aspects of creating any believable setting.

How much do I know about worldbuilding? Check out these links on my website.




http://www.kayelleallen.com/Wind&Thunder.html (Notice the "ads" at the bottom? No really! Look closely...) :biggrin:


Kayelle Allen has created a complex and vibrant world with characters who are as complex as their surroundings. Rites of Romance Reviews
The world-building talent demonstrated by author Kayelle Allen is intense, and fascinating. Two Lips Reviews
The true genius of Ms. Allen shows in the details... Road to Romance
Her descriptions of the planets are so realistic that you feel you could step right into the pages. Her characters, main and secondary, are so well developed, they seem to be real; all of your senses and emotions are engaged. Fallen Angel Reviews
Kayelle Allen builds a complex world of rebellion against the machine of a menacing and cruel caste system based on species and rank. There is a whole sense of a developed street language, and not just one dark culture of the street, but also an elite culture, and a military protocol developed by the androgynous leader of the resistance. Novelspot
The author has built an impressive universe peopled with fascinating characters. Coffee Time Romance

The course would provide downloadable information with worksheets and templates, and would be held here, on Coffee Time Romance. Details and sign up information will be provided in the very near future. Please reply here if you are interested in learning more.

If you are reading this after July 8, 2007, feel free to email me at sempervians@yahoo.com
Please put seminar in the subject.