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March 21st, 2011, 11:52 AM
Sleeping With The Jersey Devil
author: Jude Stephens

available at: www.solsticeatnight.com (http://www.solsticeatnight.com)

For 275 years <ST1:pLeeds</ST1:p lived in seclusion in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey letting very few people into his solitary life. He learned the hard way that humans are not to be trusted. As a young boy, he trusted his family to care for him but when they found out he was different, they turned his back on him. As a young man, he trusted a woman with his heart and was handed the ultimate betrayal.

<O:pWhen he finds a beautiful woman left for dead he really wants to walk away but when he discovers she is a Chinthe, one of the Evolved species, he decides to help her hoping she may in turn help him relieve his pent up sexual tension.

<O:pIt doesn’t take long for <ST1:pLeeds</ST1:p to realize he’s in too deep. Mya Tun is being hunted by the Chinese Mafia for stealing the world’s largest diamond. But far worse, he finds himself caught in a web of sexual pleasure that he’s not sure he wants to escape. <O:p