View Full Version : 07 WIIFM* or When Shouldn't You Promote?

May 18th, 2011, 02:54 PM
WIIFM = What's In It For Me. We're going to discuss when is the best time to promote by looking at the worst times. What might some of those be?

When Not To Promote :nah:

During another author's chat day or featured time period.
On a group on days set aside for other activity.
In the comments of another person's blog.
In an area that doesn't pertain to your writing's subject. (ex. Posting your Cowboy Romance :cowboy: promo on a site called "For Goths Only"). Of course, if your cowboy falls in love with a goth girl, then by all means - go for it! Otherwise, steer clear (pun intended).

What other times / places might be inappropriate? :duh:

When a conversation is underway on a topic unrelated to your writing.
When you're not sure it's the right time or place.
During or after a sensitive period related to your writing. A good example occurred after 9/11. The Spiderman movie was scheduled to open the weekend after. It was delayed because the ending :spidereek:had to be reshot - originally, he caught the bad guys by stringing a web between the Twin Towers.
When you're not sure it's the right time or place. Yes, I repeated that. Go with your gut.

Homework for today: Consider your latest promo effort. List three ways you could tell if it's appropriate to promote in a particular place or time.