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Veronica Wilde
July 16th, 2007, 07:12 PM
available now! (http://stardustpress.com/products/product_info.php?products_id=29)


** In seeking the love of her life, she found the love of many lifetimes. **

Tamora Blackwell wants what every young witch wants – a sexy soulmate who’s passionate about both the Craft and her. But when a love spell brings two gorgeous brothers into her life, Tamora is flooded with memories of the past life they shared in a painful love triangle – a European medieval life in which one condemned the other two to burn at the stake for witchcraft. <O:p></O:p>
The sexual attractions are fast and intense. But as Tamora struggles to understand the mysteries of reincarnation, she finds herself falling in love with one brother while falling in bed with the other. As temptation, jealousy and red-hot lust threaten to engulf all three, a shocking new tragedy settles the karmic debts between them – and teaches Tamora that true love never really dies.<O:p></O:p>



It was the last new moon of spring. The candles flickered and wavered, casting crooked shadows on her bedroom walls, as twenty-six-year-old Tamora Blackwell prepared her love spell. Sprinkling a blend of orris root, cinnamon and rose petals over a smoking charcoal, she took her black-handled ritual knife in hand. Then she picked up the red male figure candle before her and began to carve in astrological symbols representing love, sex and abundance. Dressing the candle with her special Come To Me love oil, she began the spell.

“By all the powers of my witchery, by the Goddess of the moon, the earth and the sea,” she chanted. “I call the perfect true love to me – as I speak, so mote it be.”

The magic was growing dense around her. Expertly Tamora wove the spell stronger and stronger, her own witch power rising until she could feel her long golden-red hair crackling with electricity. “The perfect man I call to me: sexy, smart and true to me. Affectionate, fun, loving and strong, a man who loves me my whole life long.”

On and on she built the spell, dreaming of that perfect devoted lover who would fulfill all the yearnings of her body and spirit. Spring was the season of rejuvenation and sexual reawakening, the time the earth burst into bloom. As Tamora connected with lustful energy of the season, an intense magic began to swirl around her altar, erotic and spellbinding. It was as if her mystery man was right there with her in spirit. She could almost feel his hands running up her thighs to part her ritual robes. As she closed her eyes, she could swear his psychic imprint was kneeling before her, teasingly brushing his fingers across her clit before positioning the erect velvety head of his cock against her folds.

She swallowed, a deep flush of arousal staining her cheeks. Then she forced herself to concentrate on the spell. But the energy of her future lover continued to wind sinuously around her, as relentless as he was tender.

She was breathing hard now, intoxicated by her own magic and the magnetism of her future man. “By earth, by air, by water and fire, grant me the fulfillment of my desire,” she whispered. Summoning her powers of concentration, she fired off the intense passion into the night to manifest in her future.

She took a deep breath and grounded the leftover energy still tingling through her body. It had been a long time since her last relationship. But the palpable masculine energy of her lover tonight promised some very steamy nights ahead.

At least she thought so. Just to be sure, she decided to divine her future – something for which she possessed a particular gift. Quickly, while the magic still lingered around her altar, she reached for her favorite tool of divination: her Tarot cards.

Concentrating again, she shuffled, then dealt the cards out on the black satin. With great trepidation, she turned over the first. King of Cups – that indicated a man of love, a soulmate. That was very good indeed. She smiled and turned over the second. Then she frowned. Two of Pentacles? That showed a lack of decision, confusion in the face of an important choice. She turned over the third card and shivered: King of Swords. That was a man of great intelligence – and potentially great pain.

Sighing, she closed the spell and doused the candles. That’s really weird, she thought as she put away her Book of Shadows. Two guys – and me? Just don’t see it, especially after being dateless for the last year. And what did that skull in the ink mean?

Every experienced witch knew that to worry about a spell was to weaken the magic. Tamora pushed it out of her mind as she took off her ritual robes, ate some chocolate cake and got ready for bed.

Drifting off to sleep, she thought she sensed him again – that elusive, not-quite-physical sensation of a man’s tender fingers stroking her thighs. She tossed restlessly, wishing he was here in the flesh. Yet the fatigue spreading through her body was too powerful to dwell on it. Instead she adjusted her pillow and fell asleep.

Almost immediately she was lost in an erotic, firelit dream. That same faceless man was between her legs, his long silky hair tickling her stomach as his mouth kissed a path of fire across her hips. His hot tongue licked his way down her skin as if following a treasure map. Molten arousal filled her blood as he softly sucked her clit between his lips. She moaned and shifted restlessly beneath him, aching for the satisfaction his tongue promised. His mouth moved on her with heavenly skill as he began to stroke her pussy. Yet a moment later she felt two arms encircle her possessively from behind – it was a second man, his rock-hard erection pressing into the softness of her bottom. She protested and smiled at the same time, rolling over to kiss this second man even as her thighs opened wider for the first.

But then her dream changed abruptly and her two mystery lovers vanished. Instead she was falling to the floor, which was now the cold stone floor of a tiny prison cell. A hooded man loomed over her, brandishing a monstrous-looking hot poker in his hand. She begged for mercy as he lowered it toward her tender flesh.

Admit that you hexed the farmer’s crops and brought illness to the village! Admit that you danced naked in the forest in perverted rites to do the Devil’s work!

She wept in terror, choking out her innocence. The hot poker came menacingly closer to her skin. Then abruptly her dream shifted yet again to an outdoor scene. She was tied to a stake, screaming in pain as fire roared around her. The flames licked up her naked legs as a crowd of ugly faces jeered at her and taunted her.

Horror jolted her awake. She sat up breathlessly in bed, heart pounding and her throat tight with terror.

That was no kind of dream to be having after casting a love spell. In fact, it was a bad omen overall. As a witch well-trained in the magical arts, Tamora knew the difference between a regular dream and a psychic dream, and this dream had definitely been the latter. But why? The magic in the circle had felt so erotic and romantic – there had been nothing sinister afoot in the rite. The spell would work, she just knew it would.... <O:p></O:p>

<O:p> </O:p>

On sale here! (http://stardustpress.com/products/product_info.php?products_id=29&show_excerpt=1)

July 17th, 2007, 10:04 AM
Ooh, sounds like a good read. Definitely to be added to my to read list. That pile is growing & growing, LOL.

July 17th, 2007, 10:05 AM
You should visit her home here because we have been chatting about it!