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June 2nd, 2011, 01:34 PM
Took the kids to the library this morning. We're usually there every week when school's out for summer, and since last Thursday was the last day of school I'd say we're right on schedule. :biggrin:

The 6yo came out with three Arthur books; the 10yo had two big chapter books; and the teen came out with an Anne Rice book and a Johns Hopkins book of symptoms and remedies. smilies/aah.gif

Now, there are ups and downs to these books. The 6yo will read all of hers in about a day & start begging to go back for more. The 10yo will laze around and not read hers until the day before we go back. And the teen is currently telling me about all of the diseases and/or syndromes she MUST have according to the symptoms she's reading about.

And if anyone is wondering, the teen is wanting to become a doctor and that's why she's reading medical reference books. Laugh it Up fuzball

And it's only the first week of summer vacation. :hide: