View Full Version : June's Coupon is for DREAM LOVER

Jewel Adams
June 2nd, 2011, 01:49 PM
http://jewelsway.com/uploads/2/8/1/8/2818957/426853.jpg Summer is upon us and I'm loving the greens, there seem to be so many variations of that one color. I do know I'm drinking in all the colors. Everything is blooming and sprouting and I love it.
My favorite in the flowers are the buttercups, they are just starting to open and the fields & pastures are bright with the yellow waves.
It all looks rather dreamy, I think that is why I've picked Dream Lover for this month's 49% coupon off the price!
Dream Lover is such a marvelous story filled with love, adventure and danger. Readers tell me they can't put this award selling book down :) and that always makes me smile.
You can get this book for just $2.50 with the coupon DC72U just use the coupon code during check out. The coupon is only good at my publisher's site: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/31535

DREAM LOVER - Time Travel Erotic Romance

When a dream becomes reality, Mackenzie Richardson discovers her fantasy lover is no longer an unattainable image, but a very real, very powerful, flesh and blood man. Mackenzie finds no escape from the handsome but obstinate dream that shatters the fabric of time and thrives in Colonial America, the year of our Lord, 1773.

Aaron Masters confronts the bewitching woman that haunts his dreams, to discover a very real and passionate Mackenzie. Be she God's own angel or the Devil's witch, she now belongs to him. Neither the powers of time, nor the perils of man will take away the woman he claims as his wife.

Join Aaron and Mackenzie on a journey of discovery as they confront their love for each other and battle the forces to hold on to the treasure they find. Will they beat the power of time that tries to keep them separated? Or will their love end on the thrust of a pirate's cutlass or the claim of a British spy that Mackenzie is his wife! The excitement and adventure will hold you spellbound to the explosive conclusion of DREAM LOVER