View Full Version : July 18th - BDSM and Menage a trois book eLoop chat

July 18th, 2007, 08:38 AM
Good Wednesday Morning! Today is July 18th and you know what that means?

BDSM and Menage a trois book eLoop chat all day long!!

So grab a friend, get your gear, and get over here!

Authors, tell us all about the books we want to know! Share your book covers, excerpts, blurbs, follow ups, information on a series, characters, everything you can think of within this genre...share it with us. Are you working on anything to be released in the near future? Tell us!

Readers now is the time to make that TBB list for your new favorite BDSM and Menage' a Trois books!
Grab some coffee and lets talk books!

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