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Jewel Adams
June 30th, 2011, 01:42 PM
http://jewelsway.com/uploads/2/8/1/8/2818957/1580610.jpgStart your holiday weekend with a great read. From today through July 5th you can purchase my award winning Time Travel Romance - DREAM LOVER for only 99cents!
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Time Travel Erotic Romance - Mackenzie's trip in time takes her right to the start of the American Revolution. Experience Colonial America through a modern woman's point of view and you too will fall in love with her hero :)
When a dream becomes reality, Mackenzie Richardson discovers her fantasy lover is no longer an unattainable image, but a very real, very powerful, flesh and blood man. Mackenzie finds no escape from the handsome but obstinate dream that shatters the fabric of time and thrives in Colonial America, the year of our Lord, 1773.

Aaron Masters confronts the bewitching woman that haunts his dreams, to discover a very real and passionate Mackenzie. Be she God's own angel or the Devil's witch, she now belongs to him. Neither the powers of time, nor the perils of man will take away the woman he claims as his wife.

Join Aaron and Mackenzie on a journey of discovery as they confront their love for each other and battle the forces to hold on to the treasure they find. Will they beat the power of time that tries to keep them separated? Or will their love end on the thrust of a pirate's cutlass or the claim of a British spy that Mackenzie is his wife! The excitement and adventure will hold you spellbound to the explosive conclusion of DREAM LOVER