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Pamela tyner
June 30th, 2011, 09:25 PM
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Harper Bennett has her own happily ever after going on in the wilds of Alaska with her husband and children. Earning her MFA in creative writing in 2002 taught her nothing more than student loans were inherently evil and that her passion would never lie in the tomes of literary fiction. Her stories will always require a “happily ever after” with plenty of sweaty lust thrown in for good measure.

Along the way, Harper has been everything from an overnight radio disc jockey to a professional MMA fighter and has learned that no matter the circumstances, life is always one big adventure waiting to be had.

You can find her at http://www.harperbennett.com/ (http://www.harperbennett.com/) and on Twitter (http://twitter.com/HarperWrites (http://twitter.com/HarperWrites)). She also checks her e-mail obsessively and would love to hear from you: harper.bennett@gmail.com (harper.bennett@gmail.com).