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Miss Mae
July 5th, 2011, 05:30 PM

I’d like to extend an invitation for us to get to know YOU. In July 2011, I’m starting a new feature at my site/blog called “Member Spotlight”. Those who are members are invited/encouraged to write an article about -- themselves!

Let me be right up front -- for authors, I’m not talking about promoting your books. Nope. This article is meant to be about YOU.

Can you mention you are an author? Yep. Will I link to your website? Yep, again. (but one link only, please!)

Why am I doing this? For one thing, I appreciate my members. For another, most of my members don’t even know each other! But one reason stands out -- many of my members are not authors. I love that fact, love the idea they’ve joined my site because they WANT to, love their loyalty and friendship. I really want US to become better acquainted with THEM.

So is my invitation open only to authors? NO WAY!!! When I say members, I mean just that. My members! So what if you’re only a stay-at-home mom cleaning dirty diapers while you snatch giggles from reading MAD magazine? That’s awesome! I want to know about YOU, and my other members want to know about YOU. NO member is BORING!!

So I guess that means that anyone who wants to contribute will have to join my site/blog to become a member? Yes, indeedy. And, please consider that we all appreciate the thoughtfulness of someone caring enough to leave comments. When you join and have your “day in the spotlight”, I urge you to continue on as a member so that you then can give your support to others who are scheduled to have their turn.

It’ll be fun! We’ll all learn about each other. We’ll make new friends! So come over and reserve your “spotlight day”! (At my site, the Members page is on the left hand side column. Join up, and then email me at the addy you’ll find on my Profile and Contact page. )

Thanks to all my wonderful members!

www.missmaesite.com (http://www.missmaesite.com) *permission to forward is granted*