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July 27th, 2011, 06:49 PM
Carlene Rae Dater's "Blood Lust"


Noah Bandish, an Emergency Medical Technician for the city of New York, has a secret. He’s a vampire.

Boredom is an ongoing problem for the undead and with his job Noah has found a way to both keep active and feed. No one seems to question why so many of his patients die before they get to the hospital.

Then he meets Dr. Rachael Morehouse, a woman who’d make his heart beat faster--if his heart were still beating. Now he must decide if he wants to use the woman for his own wanton purposes or turn her and keep her at his side for eternity.

When rogue vampires arrive in Manhattan and begin to create chaos, Noah knows he’ll have to help clean up their mess all the while fulfilling his own blood lust.

And now in print...

Aliyah Burke's Born to Fly


This print collection contains all three of Aliyah Burke's Born to Fly novellas.

Born To Fly: Landing in Love
Air Force pilot, Major Erich “Daredevil” Stark runs into a woman leaving a club and is immediately attracted to her. He wants to know her better but after a brief and intense interaction she slips away. When they meet again, he longs to start over. Bliss Esparza has spent her life doing two things. Dancing and taking care of her younger brother, not that she minds but it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. When she meets the handsome pilot she knows he’s something special.

Born to Fly: You Save Me
Marine pilot Captain Garrick “Paladin” Stark is finally back in the United States after being stationed in Japan. He loves his career but something is missing. Something he had in Japan until he left on deployment. When he returned, it was gone. Well, she was gone. And he wants her back. Delaney Byrd works for the USO. She’s been back in the States for a while now and is happy working on NAS Pensacola. One night at a club she finds herself face to face with a man she knew she’d never forget, no matter how long she lived. A man who had started off as a one night stand that lasted a year.

Born to Fly: Wild as the Wind
Naval pilot Commander Dominic “Hurricane” Stark is stationed in Crete when he meets the woman he knows is his future. She is everything he could possibly want. Smart, exciting, beautiful and so much more. One date leads to another and with each passing day Dominic falls deeper in love. Doctor Verity Andrews has been in Crete for the past twelve years living her dream as an archeologist. The day she meets tall, tanned, and handsome…she begins to wonder if there isn’t more out there than just her work. He’s tall, tanned, and Texan. Just what the doctor ordered and she should know, for she is one.

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