View Full Version : Research & Confusion are NOT a Good Mix~

August 6th, 2011, 01:10 PM

Ok friends, I am confused... Actually, confused doesn't quite fit... how about frantic, brain freeze & soon to be hysterical? Yeah, I think that covers it! lol
I am trying to find out how to give away a free book for a soon to be review. I may have researched a LOT of ways to publish, but, ummmm, THIS was forgotten. I have my book on barnes & noble and on amazon. I can't find anything on b&n on giving away a free book ( Do they even let you do that? ) and the only thing I have found on amazon is called "gifting".
Now, when I read the section on "gifting", I left amazon more confused than I had started with. I realize that amazon will send an email with a link to get the book... I see that... BUT how do I gift it in the first place?
:death: :death: :death:
And smashword... Is it worth using? Have I been missing that one completely? I am surrounded by widgets, apps, research pages and confusion is a dark purple/gray cloud that is raining on my parade of... I got accepted for my first review! YAY!!!! (I felt sick to my stomach when I hit the send button... really, I did. One of the SCARIEST things I have ever done, I think.)

Can any of you please help me before my brain explodes? Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

(and if this thread is in the wrong spot, I am very sorry. Honestly, I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag at this point... my brain hurts! lol)