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Debora Dennis
August 23rd, 2011, 08:00 AM
Good morning! I thought I'd pop in today and share an excerpt from my latest release, an erotic time travel romance (novella.)

I hope you enjoy it!

A Knight in her Arms

Chapter Two

Gavin picked up the gauntlet and helmet he'd dropped on the floor before he kissed the woman called Hannah Falcon, and once again took note of his surroundings. Lights shone down on them, but he saw no visible candles. The air smelled vaguely of lemon and pines, but there were no rushes on the floor or fresh lemons anywhere he could see.

And the heat? He looked around and tried to figure out where the source of the heat came from. They hadn't passed a single fireplace on their way through the hallways. This was all quite confusing. He was out of sorts and not knowing what he'd find around any corner could break a lesser warrior. It was imperative he keep his wits about him.

The witch told him to pay both the time and place no heed. He was here for a purpose. And that purpose was walking away from him.

The lady moved with the grace of a deer. Though she dressed oddly, he'd been intrigued by her movements, by the sway of her hips. Her lush lips had responded to his kiss, he liked the way she tasted. He watched her from behind as they walked through this strange place with its many halls. From the tips of the bold red boots to the delicious way the breeches hugged her bottom, he'd already committed her form to memory.

"Lady Hannah," he called, while his eyes wandered from the abundance of auburn curls on the top of her head down the long lines of the wool coat covering her torso. "I must insist on walking through that doorway ahead of you."

His command didn't stop her; she kept right on walking. Clearly this woman had too much spirit for her own good. Over her shoulder she called back, "You're taking this role a bit too far aren't you?"

Her voice trailed off as she pushed open an amazing door made entirely of glass. For a moment he stood there, rooted in place, with his hand on the hilt of his sword. Should he leave? Would he be able to get back home if he left the safety of this building? He knew his training, along with his mail and weapons, would protect him and serve him no matter what time or place this was. But, the unknown made him stop and think twice. As a warrior, he made battle plans, knew his enemy, their tactics and weaponry.

What lay out those doors? With no idea where he was, what year or what country even, could he tempt the fates by leaving the safety of this place? Would the magic which brought him here be gone?

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