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Promo Crystal
August 23rd, 2011, 07:35 PM
Angela S. Stone's Sometimes It's Fate


Jason McCarthy is gay. Heís also a police officer living in a small-minded northern New Brunswick town where being gay could spell the end of his career. When an impending snowstorm threatens to strand his best friend and policing partner, David, Jason offers up his spare room for the night--a move that reveals Jasonís secret, and changes their friendship and lives forever.

David Richard isnít gay--at least he doesnít think he is. He knows he loves his best friend, and he admits to feelings that had started after a tragic accident almost a year before. When David acts on these feelings, it doesnít go well, leaving both men alone and hurt. Jason, however, doesnít think twice about stepping in and rescuing Davidís children when their mother abandons them. The move brings David and Jason back together, but Jasonís past rears its ugly head and they both have to make difficult decisions that are sometimes best left up to fate.

Patricia Snodgrass's "Marilyn"


When Bobby Chandler picked up Marilyn, a 1958 Edsel in pristine condition, for a song he couldn't believe his good luck. He knew these great old vintage cars had their perks, but this one comes with features that blew more than his mind.

Is having sex with a haunted car considered kinky? Either way, Bobby may never leave the garage.

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