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August 8th, 2007, 10:02 PM
This was my very first sale to New Concepts Publishing! Compared to how I think now, a handful of months later, I can't believe how naive in the ways of authorship I was.


She doesn't know who she is. She is found wandering the crash-site of a ship and taken to Hell's Market where she is sold to a hard-eyed mercenary with nothing but sex on his mind. But things are never quite as they seem. For a start, the 'mercenary', Tangus, is Commander of the last remnant of the Seti species, his homeworld and its entire civilian population blown into oblivion in a single act of unspeakable brutality. In an uncaring galaxy, he is determined to find a way for his all-male contingent (and the Seti name) to live on and obtain justice for their planet's destruction, even if his plan involves inter-breeding the Seti with females from other species.

August 8th, 2007, 10:15 PM
Chantal, owner of the DreamyDeppMama blog (http://dreamydeppmama.blogspot.com), gave TCS a "B" when she reviewed the book way back in April/May:
Asha and Tangus have incredible sexual needs, and please each other well ... This is a wonderful read ...
You can still find the full review, but you'll have to dig! :turned:

Trang at Ecataromance (http://sensual.ecataromance.com/11-reviews?type=&id=797) gave it 5 STARS:
This is one sizzling story ... The plot is entertaining and the pace just enough to keep you hooked until the last page.
Lainey at Coffee Time Romance (http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/Thecommandersslave.html) gave it 4 CUPS:
This is part of a new carnal romance line and is just that; very carnal ...
And, today, I got notice of it being reviewed by Sandra at The Romance Studio (http://theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/commandersslaveaugustin.htm), where it got 5 HEARTS:
... The characters are so well written the reader will feel Asha's pain, confusion and strength as well as Tangus' strength, loyalty to his men, and his love ...
If you've been bowled over by the reviews, :innocent: then you can go here (http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/thecommandersslave.htm) to TCS' product page.

August 8th, 2007, 11:20 PM
Oh WOW! That is great! Thanks, going to look now!:punk:

August 9th, 2007, 12:40 AM
from Chapter Six:

The story so far: Tangus is developing feelings for Asha, feelings he would like to ignore. When Asha finds out she will be given to his men as a breeder, she takes advantage of an enemy attack to escape Tangus' ship...

Later, even though he knew it was nothing he could have foreseen, Tangus would blame his distracted mood for the way the scout ship had sneaked up on them.<o>
The first strike sent him half out of the command chair as the blow reverberated through the Strike’s hull.<o>

</o> Ven, his young helmsman/navigator, frantically checked his instruments before turning to his commander in alarm.

“Sir, the ship. It’s Lasc Prein!”<o>

</o> Tangus swore a short sharp epithet. After all the careful planning they had done--<o>

</o> “Daurent, jam that ship’s transmissions. I don’t want any ‘friends’ dropping by.”<o>

</o> “Yes, commander.”

Another blast shook the ship as Tangus opened shipwide communications.<o>

</o> “Battlestations,” he barked. “This is not a drill. Enemy sighted and engaged. I repeat, battlestations.”

A third hit.<o>

</o> “And, Daurent, when you have time, lock on that ship. What can you tell me about it?”<o>

</o> Second after second ticked away, and Tangus continued swearing. In his old battleship, there was enough room on the bridge for one person per function--one for communications, one for weapons, one to handle helm, the other navigation. He even had the luxury of Security and Sensors officers. But in the renamed Strike, the bridge was cramped, and his officers had to carry out multiple roles. With predictable results.<o>

</o> “Scout ship, commander,” Daurent reported after an eternity. “Just the one. Standard armaments.”<o>

</o> “Target the shields around the propulsion systems. Ven, get us into an evasive maneuver.”<o>

</o> “Which one, commander?” The helmsman/navigator’s fingers flew over the boards in preparation for a defensive move.<o>

</o> “There’s only us, Ven. Find one.”<o>

</o> “Ah--”<o>

</o> “Commander, one of the engineering ports has taken damage. Artificial gravity’s at eighty percent.”<o>

</o> “Get us out of here, Ven.” Tangus kept his voice calm, and his young officer responded, sending the Strike into a deep dive. “Daurent, ready the rear cannons and fire.”<o>

</o> More seconds. “Direct hit on their bridge shields, commander. They’re still holding.”<o>

</o> What followed was an interstellar game of cat and mouse, the roles alternating with each tactical move, but Tangus wasn’t satisfied. For every minute they engaged with the Lasc Prein scout, the risk of their discovery by another unfriendly increased.<o>

</o> “Ven, I need some piloting magic. We need an edge on that ship, fast. What can you give me?”<o>

</o> The helmsman conferred quickly with his star charts. “We’re close to a solar system ringed by an asteroid field. I can make an initial run in that direction--”<o>

</o> A smaller explosion rocked the ship.<o>

</o> “Trouble in Engine Room Two,” Daurent said. “Systems offline. We’re down to seventy-five percent propulsion.”

“Whatever you’re thinking of, do it now.”<o>

</o> “Yes, commander.”<o>

</o> “Daurent, get our weapons ready.”<o>

</o> “Yes, commander.”<o>

</o> And Ven rose to the challenge with, even Tangus had to admit, a skilful exercise in piloting. The young pilot led the Strike into the asteroid field, at the same time starting a shallow curving trajectory, finally exploiting a larger body--and a tractor beam--to execute one of the tightest turns he had ever experienced. They came up under the unsuspecting scoutship, and Daurent needed no prompting to empty all batteries into the forward cannons.

On the forward viewscreens, the first strikes hit the scout’s shields and scattered into sparks, but Daurent kept up the barrage. A noiseless explosion of white light blinded the bridge crew temporarily, and when they regained their sight, the scoutship was gone.<o>

</o> “Destroyed,” Daurent reported with a grin.<o>

</o> Tangus let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding and relaxed in his chair.<o>

</o> “Good work, helm. Damage report?”

“We’ve lost shields on the left-side and sustained damage in two propulsion units. One escape pod prematurely ejected. Minor hull breach on Level Two. Some internal fires, all under control. Repair crews have been dispatched. Doctor Zehnda reports twelve injured, none critical. ”<o>

</o> Good. Nobody had died. The Creator knew he had already lost enough people to the Lasc Prein.<o>

</o> “How far to the next jump?”

“Three hours at our current speed.”<o>

</o> “Probability of tracking us ... home?”<o>

</o> “Slim,” Daurent concluded after some thinking. “There are two jumps near this system. If we shut down our damaged engine, we can make it to one without leaving a trail.”<o>

</o> “How much will that add to our travel time?”<o>

</o> “No more than forty minutes.”<o>

</o> “And once we’re past the first jump?”<o>

</o> “It’s a complicated route that takes us close to popular space lanes, then back out again. I think we’ll be okay, commander.”

“Do a quick scan for salvage, then get us out of here.”<o>

</o> With the current danger over, Tangus wondered how Asha was. If she had any sense, she would have taken refuge in her chamber and stayed there.<o>

</o> “I’m going to see Dr. Zehnda and check in with the wounded,” he told his second-in-command. “Let me know if we meet any more surprises.”<o>

</o> “Yes, sir.”<o>

</o> Tangus left the cramped bridge and headed for sickbay, his lips tightening as he took stock of the internal damage his flagship had sustained.<o>

</o> Still, it could have been worse. Six months ago, the Strike would have broken apart under the stresses it had just been subjected to. But thanks to hard work from his crew, and several judicious purchases at various trading posts, they had fashioned a serviceable, if small, military vessel.<o>

</o> In sickbay, chaos had settled into calm purposefulness. Tangus entered and saw five soldiers sitting on the floor against the wall. All three bunk beds were occupied. Zehnda was looking at some information on one of his monitors.<o>

</o> “How’s my crew, doctor?”<o>

</o> “No fatalities, commander, I’m happy to report, although,” he took a look around, “I could have hoped for more expansive medical quarters.”<o>

</o> “So could I. How serious are the injuries?”<o>

</o> “Some second- and third-degree burns. A few broken limbs. I sent the concussion and superficial injury patients back to their quarters, but....” He hesitated.

“Something bothering you, Doctor?”<o>

</o> “Well, Asha was helping me--”

“Asha?” Tangus’ voice was sharp. “What the hell was she doing out of her quarters?”<o>

</o> “That’s something you’re going to have to ask her,” Zehnda replied evenly. “She came to sickbay with a patient and exhibited some competence in medical care. Upon her request, I supplied her with an emergency medical kit, and she began treating and bringing back more patients. Except for Tomben.”<o>

</o> “What about Tomben?” <o>

</o> “He had obviously been treated by Asha but was found unconscious near engineering. He’s in that bunk over there.” Zehnda indicated the far sickbay bed.<o>

</o> “And where’s Asha?”<o>

</o> “That’s just the point. I haven’t seen her yet.”<o>

</o> Tangus’ blood ran cold. Tomben was a good soldier, fierce, loyal. Because he was dependable and fearless, Tangus had been prepared to overlook Tomben’s more lewd behavior on shore leave. But the thought of Tomben alone with Asha....<o>

</o> And outside engineering. Where two propulsion units were out of commission.<o>

</o> Could he have attacked her? Or maybe Asha had gone into Engineering Room Two just before the strike that had damaged the units?<o>

</o> The thought of losing her was suddenly unbearable. Twisting on his heel, Tangus left sickbay at a run.<o>


August 12th, 2007, 01:56 PM
Awesome book! Tangus was so yummy.

August 12th, 2007, 05:06 PM

Great to see ya here kaz!

Love the excerpt too, we'll have to rule the universe together



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I know, SJ. The universe is not safe when two or more of us s-f types get together!

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