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August 13th, 2007, 06:42 PM
This was my fourth contracted sale but second release. And my first with UK e-publisher, Total-E-Bound. TEB (as it's known) is a very nice crew to work for and they've been completely transparent about how they go about their business.


Sub-Commander Hoara Felin of the Republic Space Fleet has crash-landed on a planet. Her ship is inoperable, her shipmates are dead. The only thing that can make a bad situation worse is finding she has crashed on the notorious prison-planet of Bliss―a place condemned criminals are sent…and never leave.

She finds an unexpected ally in Toh, a handsome and caring man who treats her injuries and hides her from those who would hold an officer of the Space Fleet for ransom. But, as Hoara is about to find out, Toh is keeping a terrifying secret of his own.<o></o>

August 13th, 2007, 07:07 PM
Coffee Time Romance gave On Bliss 4 CUPS! Reviewer Krista said (http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/Onbliss.html):
On Bliss … is a great story of trust and truth. Things are not always as they appear, something that Hoara needs to find out for herself.
Miladyinsanity (http://miladyinsanity.wordpress.com/) also gave On Bliss 4 out of 5:
KS Augustin has managed to pack quite a bit of conflict and worldbuilding into a little short story … [S]he’s got a knack for only giving us the necessary details that we can fill in the rest on our own … I like her voice a lot, and with me, that’s practically be all and end all.
In the interests of full disclosure, it wasn’t a slam-dunk. You can read all the gory details in the 3rd July entry.

Two Lips Reviews gave On Bliss 5 KISSES! Reviewer Kerin said (http://www.twolipsreviews.com/content/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1866&Itemid=36):
Run, don’t walk to get your copy of On Bliss … This fantastic new release from KS Augustin is a definite must-read that belongs on your Keeper Shelf!
Romance Reader At Heart gave On Bliss 4 ROSES. Reviewer Heather said (http://romancereaderatheart.com/pubsandpromos/2007/jul07/OB_KSA.html):
K.S. Augustin creates a surprisingly complex science fiction world and a sexy new species in her Total-e-Bound erotic romance debut, ON BLISS. … I found the world building fascinating … Augustin has a hit with ON BLISS!

The Romance Studio gave On Bliss 5 HEARTS. Reviewer Sandra said (http://www.theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/onblissaugustin.htm):
KS Augustin has written an exceptional story. I loved it from the first exciting page ... I would recommend it to anyone looking for a spicy, suspenseful story.

August 13th, 2007, 07:13 PM
The story so far: After crash-landing on Bliss, Hoara finds herself nursed by Toh. But they aren't safe. The local warlord and his gang are after Hoara to use as ransom and Toh knows he must get her away if she's to remain safe...

Hoara only half-believed Toh’s confirmation that she was on Bliss, despite the intimacy they had shared. Sex was one thing, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t capable of lying to her―she had lived through enough heartbreaks in the past to know how true that was. And the quickest, and best, way to find out exactly where she had crashed was still on her wrecked ship.<o></o>

'When they approached the crash site, she caught her breath. A huge gouge had been carved into the earth, littering scraps of metal along the way until it ended with the main body of the scout ship.<o></o>

It was called Odysseyand it had been one of a common pool of small vessels but, during the past six weeks of her mission, she had considered it hership, almost her own personal possession. And now it lay, twisted and broken, beneath her.<o></o>

He set the flyer down expertly but kept the engine running.<o></o>

“You have five minutes,” he told her curtly. In the east, small tendrils of faint light started stretching to the horizon.<o></o>

She nodded and got out, picking her way along the wreckage. To her dismay, she found the weapons gone, along with the computer’s core. Someone―perhaps the warlord B'nen that Toh mentioned?―must have already been here on a scavenging mission. Frantically, she searched for something―anything!―useful, then sighed with rewhen she spied the backup beacon. It didn’t look in very good shape but she tucked it under her arm and continued looking.<o></o>

“Hurry up,” Toh’s voice called to her.<o></o>

Scrabbling in the bank of exposed wires, Hoara’s fingers found a thin, flat shape. The secondary core! And it was still attached to a viable-looking battery unit. She picked it up and headed back to the flyer. It lifted off the moment her feet were clear of the ground.<o></o>
The sky grew lighter as they continued flying and she felt Toh’s tension ratchet up with each passing minute.<o></o>

“How are we doing?” she asked.<o></o>

“We won’t make it.” His voice was terse as he checked the instruments. “I’ve had to alter course. We’ll touch down at Justice.”

“Justice?” It must be the name of a town, but a name on a planet already drowning in irony. She felt a twinge for the inhabitants of this penal world, surrounded by the self-righteousness of the Republic. Bliss, Justice, Intervention, Regulation…names she was starting to recall from old Space Fleet courses. Names that, at the time, were nothing more than dry words ephemerally etched on her display panel. How things changed.<o></o>

“It’s one of two ports on this continent,” he explained. “We might be able to board a ship there before anyone catches us.”<o></o>

The sun was hot and high in the sky when they reached the outskirts of Justice. Toh brought the flyer in low and scanned his surroundings, finally setting down along a wide dusty alley full of vehicles in various states of repair.<o></o>

“You’re selling your flyer?” she asked.<o></o>

He nodded. “Stay here. I won’t be long.”<o></o>

It was only at that moment that Hoara realised exactly what Toh had sacrificed for her. Not only had he hidden her from the local warlord, but he had effectively given up his entire life for her safety. Because of his actions, he could never go back to his habitat and now he was selling his only means of transport.<o></o>

“What will they do to your home?” she asked him as he led her to another part of the town. The backpacks he had fished out of the flyer before they turned their backs on it were heavy but not uncomfortable. Around her, people went about their business, only a few pausing to watch them walk by. Humans, heavy-worlders, multi-peds, they were all here. Even children. They looked happy enough, although some eyes held a tinge of wary suspicion that made her heart contract. Even if their parents had been criminals, surely the children deserved better? She angled a look at Toh. Had he grown up in such surroundings, with such cynicism in his young eyes?<o></o>

“You mean B’nen and his thugs? Probably thrash it. They delight in destruction.”<o></o>

She laid a hand on his arm, trying to express gratitude and sympathy with her touch. “I’m sorry.”<o></o>

He grinned but it looked strange on him, as though he was unused to such an expression. Only one side of his mouth curved upwards while the other remained straight. “It was time to move on anyway.”<o></o>