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Promo Crystal
September 27th, 2011, 08:45 PM
Stephanie Williams' "Friends Upgrade"


After ten years of being very best friends, Doug and Judith's feelings for each other become less than platonic. But due to their past experience, seeing others mix sex and friendship together, neither one of them want to take the first step.

Doug finally has enough of hiding his feelings and sets up a romantic vacation unbeknown to Judith. It nearly blows up in his face, but a porno movie comes to the rescue.

Can they upgrade their friendship without getting hurt again?

And now in print...

Marie Rochelle's A Rancher's Promise


Ever since her friend Stuart suggested he wanted to hide her at his aloof older brotherís ranch, Amerie Palmer was truly expecting the worst and almost backed out at the last minute. However, the man who opened the front door was the most handsome and sexiest male she had ever laid eyes on.

But Kyle Houston had been hurt in the past and his mistrust of women ran deeper than his love for his ranch.

Amerie knew she should stay away from Kyle because he wasnít being very welcoming to her. However, she just felt beneath the tough exterior there was a man who craved love and she could be the woman who would give it to him.

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