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Diana Castilleja
August 16th, 2007, 01:16 PM
Hi gang! I hope you like the excerpts I'm going to post. These are totally random, and are NOT part of the usual fare that I have ready for chats.

I do have full length chapter downloads on my site (http://www.dianacastilleja.com), on the bookshelf, available for each book.

ICE CREAM IN THE SNOW-Romantic Suspense (Sweet/Novel)

“You have absolutely nothing better to do with your day?”
“Actually, I do, but it involves you anyway.”
“What are you talking about?” Agitated, she ran her hand down the front of her smock.
“I think your son, the man, has just given me permission to date his mother.” His eyes twinkled, making the deep blue sparkle like a midnight sky.
She startled visibly at that. “Excuse me? Sorry, but I don’t date.” She wiped at the counter in wide, vicious circles. She was going to have to talk to Jacob. Again. What she'd told him did not give him express permission to set her up.
Brick shrugged. “That’s what he said.”
Jessie fisted her hands on her hips. “Oh, really? Just a fountain of information about his dear old mom, I guess.” She wasn’t sure what irritated her more --the fact they'd discussed her social life, or the fact that the conversation had been between her son and the one arrogant man she found herself completely attracted to.
“Will you come out from behind there?” Her head snapped up in confusion at the silky, velvet tone he used. She hesitated, battling her indecision. His look was concerned when he asked, “What’s wrong?”
Lifting the back of her hand to her forehead to push away stray hair, she eyed him carefully. “I didn’t sleep well last night.”
“Why?” He reached over and pushed the stubborn lock of hair back for her a second time. Tingles shot down her spine when his fingers slowly brushed her skin.
“Bad dreams. Nothing, really.” But she couldn’t look up at him.
He lifted his hand to grip her chin and bring it gently upward to meet his gaze. “What kind of dreams?” His voice had dropped to a husky whisper that caressed her, making her heart skip.
“Nothing,” she insisted, but her tongue almost tripped on the word.
“It must have been something if you lost sleep over it.” His thumb stroked her cheek as he cradled her face in his palm. His comforting touch only confused her more.
“I can’t go out with you,” she blurted. Her eyes widened, shocked at her own words.
His lips curved in gentle understanding at her outburst. “I haven’t asked you to. Not yet, anyway.” He angled his head, looking into her eyes. “You were hurt by the way Arthur treated you, weren’t you?”
She jerked herself out of his hypnotic hold. “What happened doesn’t matter.” Taking a deep breath, Jessie stepped back, putting space between them. “I don’t date because I choose not to, and to protect Jacob. I will not give him an amoral picture of relationships.” She decided to let her prickly attitude speak for itself, but he didn’t seem to even notice.
Brick crossed his arms in front of his chest, leaning his hip against the counter again.
“I believe you. He knows he’s partly responsible, but he doesn’t want to be the only reason, if, in fact, he is.” She stood, unblinking, for several breaths before he continued. “I want to kiss you again.”

THE ETENAL KISS-Paranormal Suspense (Sensual/Novel)

Her hand found his on the blankets. “Stay. Just a few minutes.” He sank to sit on the bed. Her brow furrowed. “What is wrong?” Her eyes were still closed.
“Nothing.” He brushed her damp hair back. The thick length twisted between his fingers, slid smoothly, and he relished the feeling.
“I can feel your guilt, Diego,” she said. She twined her fingers through his. “Don’t. This is my fault. I’m always blowing off Houston’s warnings.”
“You are not responsible for another person’s actions, Titania.”
“No, but I should’ve been more careful. That man has been after me for months.” She made a soft pout. It drew his gaze to her lips. “Houston’s right. I am a pain in the butt,” she said, her lips softening at the same time she opened her eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes. Enigmatic blue orbs of the bottomless ocean and night sky. “Thank you. You did save me. I guess we’re even now.”
His thumb moved over the hand in his hold, her skin satiny beneath his stroking touch. “Why are you sad?”
“Because we’re even. I guess I won’t be seeing you again.” Her blue eyes darkened.
“Do not worry about that right now. You need to rest.” And he needed to leave, or he was going to kiss that pouting mouth of hers.
The touch of her fingers on his chin shook him. “Your eyes, they’re beautiful. So pale gray, like winter clouds, but brighter. Lightning strikes.” Her murmured voice slid over him like a sheet of silk, smooth and seductive.
His hand covered hers where she cradled his cheek, and he could not resist, could not find the strength to any longer. He watched her, waiting for fear, apprehension, anything to stop him. It never came as he dipped his head to hers.
Her lips were so soft, so warm, he burst into flame at her touch. She was the sweetest breath of life he had ever tasted. Heat flared, roared to life between them.
He snapped up, his heart racing. Every fiber, every nerve ached, needed. He had never felt this.
She sat up slowly, clutching the robe when the blanket fell to her lap. Her hand lifted to her lips. “What was that?” Her eyes were wide, staring at him. They glittered with a sapphire magic.
His voice vanished. He plunged his hand into her hair, holding her. He slanted his lips to hers and felt the fire again. Heat, hungry desire swamped him. He seduced her mouth, caressed and sipped.
Diego was going to explode into heat where he sat. Satin skin, rich, fragrant hair, soft lips. He wanted more. He demanded entry into her moist heat and growled when she opened for him, hearing her whimpers. Her hand had found his hair, held him as tightly. Passion had eclipsed all other thoughts. He enfolded her into his embrace, pulling her into his chest. Wanting her warmth, needing her physical touch.
He kissed the corner of her delicious mouth, traveling with tender brushes to her temple, hearing the erratic pounding of her heart. The sweet call of blood, rushing hotly through her body. Her scent invaded his every cell, and where she touched, he felt her caresses through every pore.
His tongue moved, and he found the tip of his fang. Burning lust overrode reason. “Give yourself to me. Only to me,” he breathed. “Just a taste.”

August 17th, 2007, 12:19 AM
WOW!! Diana those excerpts were awsome!! I have to go check out both books now. More to add to my to be bought list. :biggrin:

Diana Castilleja
August 17th, 2007, 10:11 AM
The first chapters are well worth the time. The paranormal has a kickbutt opening, if I do say so myself. :D But I'm so terribly biased. ;)

August 17th, 2007, 11:34 AM
You have every right to be biased because these are your babies! I know I would be if I was a writer. It's only natural.

Diana Castilleja
August 17th, 2007, 02:43 PM
Well, I still get all bashful (Does that ever go away?) when someone loves what I wrote. It's just one of those things, y'know? :swoon: I love to write, but every story, heck, every page I wonder if they'll still like it. I guess it's the best way to keep me on my toes. :sweatdrop:

(Man I just love these emos. I want to take them home with me... :tt1:)