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Mickie Sherwood
October 9th, 2011, 08:40 PM
Hi, all,<O:p</O:p

I’m excited to announce the No Cost 2 Read sweet paranormal romance I have put up on my web site. I enjoy writing about the simplest things in life that can usher a “sweet” budding relationship into a “sweet” blooming romance.<O:p</O:p

Azure Apparition:valentine1:<O:p</O:p
<O:phttp://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j375/SweetRomanceWriter/th_AZUREBANNER.jpg (http://s1082.photobucket.com/albums/j375/SweetRomanceWriter/?action=view&current=AZUREBANNER.jpg&newest=1) </O:p
Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal (Sweet)<O:p</O:p
Words: 3,226<O:p</O:p

Blurb: African-American/PG<O:p</O:p
Hardnosed construction worker, Frank Hickman, has got to be hallucinating. Is the shimmering beauty beside him a figment of his imagination? Or some warped Halloween prank pulled on him by his boys? Will Frank’s realization come too late?<O:p</O:p

The scavenger hunt part won’t be as hard as you think. Go to Mickie’s Manor and find the “key” to “enjoy”. I’ll even give you the first clue. http://www.mickiesherwood.com (http://www.mickiesherwood.com/) will put you on the right track.<O:p</O:p

My other “sweet” reads, Louisiana Hot Sauce and Nicked Hearts are available right here on Coffee Time Romance. Enjoy!<O:p</O:p


Mickie Sherwood<O:p</O:p
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