View Full Version : Sweet Irish Kiss anyone? Shaun Bell is interviewed

JoAnne Kenrick
October 10th, 2011, 07:42 AM
Shaun Bell from Sweet Irish Kiss (http://ichbineinteufel.blogspot.com/2011/10/please-welcome.html?zx=5eb03683d09f0764) is over on Lindsay's Scribblings and spilling the beans...also, yet again drinks are on him! Sweet Irish Kiss anyone?
Here's a little taster, but you'll have to click the link above to read the full interview xx don't forget to comment on the blog post to let Lindsay and myself know you dropped by!
My special guest today, Shaun. He's the lead character in JoAnn Kenrick's Sweet Irish Kiss, part of Decadent's One Night Stand series, and I think you'll get a giggle and some insight into this incredible man. Enjoy, and be sure to check the end of the interview for all the contact and buy links!

Lindsay: “Thanks for being on the blog, Shaun Bell! Glad to have you on board. Let’s begin, shall we?”

Shaun: “Sure, but ya got til them there doors open for business. I've got a bar to run, so I do!” Shaun ushers Lindsay to sit at his bar. He pours her a Sweet Irish Kiss and waits for her reaction. “Well, what do you think?”

Lindsay's face puckers with the rush of alcohol. “Where are you from? Have you always wanted to be behind a bar?”

Shaun: “Sure, I come from a long line of brewers and pub owners in Belfast. Me family moved here and brought this here bar twenty years ago. My Da passed the license for the place onto me five years ago as a wedding present, just before he moved back to Belfast a few years back. Ha, bet he is glad he didn't just hand the place over as he suggested, because me ex wife would have had claims to the place, otherwise. No doubt she'd have tried dipping her hands in the money pot. But ya can leave that part out of the interview. Sometimes my mouth runs away with me.” Shaun wipes down the bar and checks his watch, seemingly antsy to get the interview done with. “Especially when I'm nervous, and I don't mind admitting I'm nervous about my first date with Rachel.”

Lindsay smiles. “How did you meet Rachel?”

Shaun fidgets in his seat and looks away. “The lass I'm going on a date with tomorrow night? Don't ya laugh now, but I've not met her yet. All I know is her name and that she is really creative, works somewhere in London as a window dresser. Madame Eve, that's the woman who runs the match-making site I used, assures me she is perfect for me and I've heard she rarely if ever gets her matching wrong."

Lindsay: “Why would a stud like you use a match-making site?”