View Full Version : Back to writing!

David Andrews
October 11th, 2011, 08:13 PM
The on-line writing course is now in the hands of one of our adult education providers and I have discharged my responsibilities to EPIC so it's time to return to 1975 and my heroine's triumphs and disasters. The story is already completely different to any of the original versions.
My heroine has now lost a friend to a drug overdose, engineered perhaps by another character in the story, has a job as a dancer in a sleazy nightclub and has began the transformation into the woman who will sustain herself through the trials that lie ahead. There are new characters, drawn from my knowledge of people I knew at the time, or interviewed in the original research, the sequence of events has changed to suit the history of the time, and my depth of understanding of the original characters has changed.
The break has been good. I had to reread what I'd written to put myself in the picture and the process highlighted another possibility I hadn't considered before.
I feel all the excitement that usually carries me through my first draft of any story.
Wish me luck!